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HelpMeFind is very grateful for the support of members through their donations and premium membership.  We are pleased to list the members having made donations.
John A Starnes Jr. (Florida, United States) 
kai-eric (Saarland, Germany) 
Kisboros (United States) 
lisapetaluma (United States) 
lois ann (United States) 
Margit Schowalter (Alberta, Canada) 
Michael Mitchell (New Jersey, United States) 
mmackenzie (United States) 
molly Ellis (United States) 
Olive Oil (United States) 
Patricia Routley (Western Australia, Australia) 
Peachblow (United States) 
peppers (United States) 
rafael maino (Patagonia, Argentina) 
RainArths (Saxony, Germany) 
roseexpert (Norway) 
Rosenursery Belle Epoque (Netherlands) 
Roses and Rosy (California, United States) 
rosylady (United States) 
Sandy F. (California, United States) 
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