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Green Roses
Comments of Dr. S.V.Hittalmani On Green Rose

The green rose which is in possesion of Mr. S .Bhaskar, is in my opinion, belongs to Floribunda group. Looking to its flower & infloresence characteristics . I am in close touch with this rose plant for over a decade. It is unique as far as its colour is concerned. The buds start with peach colour and turn to apple green over a period of a few days. On turning to green colour the flowers tend to remain more bright , vigorous and vibrant. The green colour does not fade or revert to any other colour till its cycle of 45-50 days on the plant. This is found to perform well under the climatological conditions of Bangalore , which is located at about 8 degree North latitude and the upper and lower limits of temperature of 34 degree C, and the average humidity remains 60% . This green rose is quite stable in its genetic and phenotypic characteristics, and on propagation (by budding) it is found that the buddings are true to type with the stable character istics as found in the parent stock . This has been observed by me over a period of decade. Technical Opinion / Disease Resistant The peach colour on the petals that is noticed in the initial bloom slowly bleaches and ultimately turns to apple green colour, with the development of chloroplast uniformly on all the petals. It has also been observed that it is not susceptable to black spot . Utility Being a Floribunda rose , this unique can go well as a potted plant / bedding plant / garden variety. It can also serve as a parent material in breeding programme. Summary :By all standards this rose is a unique and True Green Rose. In my opinion it has evolved as a chance mutation / as a bud sport and perpetuated through vegetative propagation. It is an Unique Rose with unique green colour which is not normally found in roses.

Dr S.V.Hittalmani Addl . Director of Horticulture (Development) Lalbagh, Bangalore-560 004

Green Rose
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