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'Don Juan' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 29 DEC by Unregistered Guest
Available from - Burlington Rose Nursery
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Initial post 14 MAY 12 by mtspace
Here in Zone 7b, in the mountains of AZ, whether this is a cold hardy rose depends on whether it is grown on its own roots or grafted to Dr. Huey. On its own roots, it puts out foliage quite early and suffers through many dozens of freeze-thaw cycles in the spring. On Dr Huey roots it just sits there until you are quite sure it is dead. Then just as the own root roses have completely expired from freezing and thawing in early May, it puts out new foliage and grows vigorously.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 JUL 17 by DLEverette_NC_Zone7b
I'm in zone 7 in NC and I had the same experience this year. Mine was on Dr. Huey and I really thought the canes were dead (they looked to be turning black and everything). Then out of nowhere, it just took off like a weed and has blooms all over it. It's even grown two monster basal canes.
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most recent 23 JUL 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 JUL 16 by Jonathan Windham
I've never noticed any fragrance, but it's probably too hot here (Zone 8a, SC). 'Don Juan' is not very resistant to black spot, but it does bloom regularly and sets open pollinated hips frequently. The blooms have yellow anthers set on red filaments which may help distinguish it from other roses when making an ID. The leaves are thick and leathery with a beautiful purple/mahogany cast on new growth.
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most recent 6 APR 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 5 APR 16 by Michael Garhart
Don Juan is an okay rose. Its vigorous, and the rebloom is average. The blooms smell damask-like, and the color is damask red, with a little bit of a purple tint in some weather, or a little bit of a pink tint in other weather.

The foliage can get mild mildew, and the prickles are mean. That doesn't bother me as much as this rose like to grow straight up and beyond to 12' or more, which makes it hard to train. If a climber is straight and 8', I do not mind. If a climber is very tall but bendy, I do not mind. But Don Juan is difficult to train. I had the same problem with 'High Hopes'. Pinning that rose to rails was a work of art.

Overall, this roses merits are ease of growth, color, and fragrance. The other traits are not merits.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 6 APR 16 by Nastarana
Anyone growing Don Juan must be aware that this rose cannot tolerate herbicide in any amount. I liked DJ for the flowers and fragrance. I agree that it is not the most attractive garden plant. I would be inclined to put it behind smaller bushes and not try to train it.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 6 APR 16 by Michael Garhart
That seems plausible. The one we have, which is growing solo by itself in a field area near a pump house (don't ask), always has burnt leaves by July. I considered that is because it fends for itself out there, but it does have that sort of new growth that looks prone to sensitivity. I know Redgold and Love are also foliage-sensitive.
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