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'Pope John Paul II ™' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 25 OCT 16 by Alexday
What a Rock Star of a rose! It blooms and blooms and the flowers are long lasting, huge and sparkly with a beautiful swirly form. This rose has a strong lemony soap scent, not my favorite but even if it weren't fragrant I would still grow this rose. It is always low growing, VERY low thorns, bushy, and 99% disease free year to year. The only drawbacks to this rose is that the stems aren't always strong enough to hold the gigantic blooms but most of the time they are!
Reply #1 of 3 posted 8 JAN 17 by Badger Rose
It is true that during certain times of the year (midsummer) the scent skirts the line between citrus and Windex window spray. I had seen someone else post this same comment somewhere but I cannot find their comment any more to tell them that they were not crazy. The smell is very good in spring and fall, however, and it's a beautiful, crazy bloomer all growing season.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 7 APR by Michael Garhart
Windex. LOL. You just made my night :]
Reply #3 of 3 posted 10 JUN by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Fantastic reviews. I appreciate the excellent info. you gave on scent. Your honesty is admirable.
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Initial post 29 DEC 16 by davyjns
"Pretty good" in health and vigor but just about "as good as it gets" in QUALITY. I think the scent and form is perfection+. In reply to an earlier post I do not smell "soap"..... at all! he he ha! But that does not mean that different people cannot pick up different scents I guess.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 29 DEC 16 by Jay-Jay
But alas, it balls badly in rainy weather.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 30 DEC 16 by davyjns
Yes.It does this because the petal count is high. Mine is in a pot on the deck so if the weather gets too bad I just slide it inside for a while.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 30 DEC 16 by Jay-Jay
No option for me, I have way too many pots to do that, besides the roses that are planted in the soil.
Btw: As for smelling soap (in the best sense of the word) try Sharifa Asma.
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Initial post 28 MAR 16 by Unregistered Guest
Available from - PAPE JEAN PAUL II® Jacsegra
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Initial post 20 APR 15 by Salix
The Great White I am the greatest ?
Weird name. I don't see it in the references.
Reply #1 of 6 posted 20 APR 15 by Patricia Routley
It is in the first 2015 reference.
I agree - really weird. As Swanes are also listing it under the correct name of 'Pope John Paul II', I think we will delete this local and stupid re-naming.
Reply #2 of 6 posted 20 APR 15 by Salix
Maybe it was some sort of web vandalism?
Reply #3 of 6 posted 20 APR 15 by Patricia Routley
No. Swanes actually list it as such in their website - as well as 'Pope John Paul II'. There is an address shortcut (can't remember what it is called) in the 2015 ref.
Reply #4 of 6 posted 20 APR 15 by Salix
OK then. God. It is hard to come up with names as bad as that...
Reply #5 of 6 posted 21 MAR 16 by Michael Garhart
I could try :D

I promised a friend a long time ago that I would name a rose 'Scenty McScenty Scent' as a joke =/

Maybe some day!
Reply #6 of 6 posted 21 MAR 16 by Give me caffeine
Do it. It'd be good for a laugh, and the world can always use more of those.
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