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Rosenhof Schultheis e.K.
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Initial post 13 NOV 11 by Aurelija D.
I liked their website, but got surprised by the poor communication via e-mail (or rather lack of it, as most of the time e-mails never get answered). Definitely a big minus for the international customer, especially since they do not have non-German order form and information in English is really limited on their website.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 14 NOV 11 by Pongracz
Try emailing this address:

We speak English with them or use google to translate. Their service has been excellent with us for years. We live in Hungary and have ordered from them almost every year since the mid 2000's.

I hope this works for you!

Reply #2 of 3 posted 23 NOV 11 by Aurelija D.
Yup, I tried that one as well, unfortunately without any results. I might have been unlucky, or the order was just too small for them to bother (only 4 plants), so eventually I sent them e-mail about canceling the whole thing. With the fifth or so e-mail you kind of figure that you are likely just wasting your time trying to communicate, and it is best to move on. 2 weeks or so later, I got e-mail from them, in German, in which, as much as I could figure (I do not speak German), they were asking if I am going to pay for the orders which I tried to sort out the last few months and never managed to get through (including delivery address, which is rather important bit of information...) /facepalm

In retrospective it might probably been useful to Google translate it to German at least, or try to call them, but then again, the international call probably would have been more expensive than the whole order.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 24 NOV 11 by Pongracz
Wow, sorry you experienced problems with them still, it can be frustrating. We got our roses this week from them. We never order more than a few at a time either, so I doubt it was the size of your order. We do use google German though, so maybe it would have helped you to get better service??

I buy calling cards for international calls, they are way cheaper, like Neophone.

I would send them an email with your displeasure and use google translate, but always put the English version with the translated one. If no one tells them, they will not correct the problems you know.

Goodle Hun is dreadful! But the German to English/English to German is quite good.

I hope you will have better service if you try them again in the future.

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Initial post 19 APR 10 by AndreaGeorgia
I've ordered from Rosenhof Schultheis now for a couple of seasons, and I can attest that this German nursery deserves the highest praise for the selection and superb quality of their plants and their careful packaging. They are very friendly and knowledgeable, and the quality of their service and their integrity are excellent. Although I live in the UK which has several well-known nurseries, Schultheis is now my first address for roses. Highly recommended!
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