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'Edith Krause' rose References
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 151.  
Edith Krause Hybrid Tea, white, 1930, 'Mrs. Charles Lamplough' x 'Souv. De H.A. Verschuren'; Krause; J&P. Flowers greenish white, double (30 petals), high-centered, large; fragrant; very vigorous growth.
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 151.  
Edith Krause. Hybrid Tea, white, 1930, 'Mrs. Charles Lamplough' x 'Souv. de H.A. Verschuren'; Krause. Description.
Website/Catalog  (1947)  Page(s) 30.  
General List. Edith Krause (HT. Max Krause, 1930)  F.4.  Large white pointed blooms, not as full as 'Mrs. C. Lamplough', and less liable to ball in wet weather.  A good exhibition variety.  E. 
Book  (1947)  Page(s) 138.  
Edith Krause (H.T.) has large double flowers with pointed centres of greenish-white, singly borne on stout long stems, on vigorous upright bushes with few thorns and plentiful large glossy foliage. Krause 1930. Deciduous. Tall growth. Moderately fragrant...June-Sept. Hardy.
Book  (1937)  Page(s) 162.  
Krause had a lucky strike in 1929 with three beautiful exhibition which he dedicated to himself and his family: Max Krause, Louise Krause and Edith Krause. these can be grown to magnificent size and form to be sure winners in shows, but they are rather shy bloomers for garden purpose, where continuity of color is more important than individual beauty.
Website/Catalog  (1937)  Page(s) 103.  
Edith Krause (M. Krause 1930), reseda-white, large, well double. HT
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 391.  
Krause, Edith (HT) Krause 1930; Mrs. Charles Lamplough X Piux XI; greenish mignonette-white, center yellowish cream, large, well-double, cup-form, high-centered, lasting, solitary, fragrance 5/10, floriferous, continuous bloom, long strong stems,few thorns, growth 7/10, upright, 1m., Sangerhausen
Website/Catalog  (1933)  Page(s) 50.  
New Roses 1932.  Edith Krause HT. (Max Krause, 1930)  F.3. Large, full Bowers of splendid pointed form produced on long stiff stems. The colour is creamy white, often with a greenish tint. This variety is a seedling from 'Mrs. Charles Lamplough' and for comparison three plants of each were planted side by side. It appears to us as if there is not sufficient difference on present performances to warrant two varieties. 2/- each. 
Book  (1932)  Page(s) 33.  
Harry H. Hazlewood.  The New Roses of 1932. 
In Edith Krause (Krause) the raiser describes a good exhibition variety as like 'K. A. Victoria' in colour, but local performances suggest 'Mrs. C. Lamplough', which is reported to be one of its parents. The growth is strong, and its future blooms will be awaited with interest. 
Website/Catalog  (1932)  Page(s) 39.  
New Roses 1932.  Edith Krause (HT.  Max Krause 1930)  Flowers large, full pointed form; bud long and on stiff stem; colour something like 'K.A. Viktoria', greenish white with red striped on outside of petals. Growth very strong, with dark green healthy foliage. 4/- each.
Long, pointed blooms Recommended.
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