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'Sanguine' rose References
Book  (1858)  Page(s) 289, 299.  
p. 289: Rosa indica semperflorens. Sanguin or Sanguinea, medium size or small, full, vivid purple.
p. 299: Rosa indica sinensis. La Sanguine, very double, globular, vivid purple-crimson, velvety, petals concave, base white.
Book  (1848)  Page(s) 608.  
Catalogue of Plants. Rosaceæ. -- The Roses.
559. Rosa indica, Linn. ♄ China. Blush Chinese Rose. China or Ever-bearing Rose.
θ. Rosa indica var. cruenta. Redouté. Dark-purple Chinese Rose. Rosier du Bengale à fleurs blanches.

♄ A tree or shrub.
Book  (1846)  Page(s) 140.  
China. Sanguinea, this is not identical with the Semperflorens, as has been erroneously stated vy a recent writer, but is amuch improved variety of the latter, with flowers of larger size and more double; the habit of the plant more vigorous and hardy, although not capable of sustaining as severe cold as most other varieties. The remarkably brilliant flowers are produced in such profuse clusters and with such constancy, that this old variety still finds a place in every garden.
Magazine  (1845)  Page(s) 231.  
“Rose groups“ by Freiherr von Biedenfeld, p. 225-232:…red…Bengal-roses…Sanguin...
Magazine  (1844)  Page(s) 154.  
List of Exhibitors of September 11-15, 1844, in the Hôtel-de-Ville of Versailles:
Mr. Lemay, gardener at Mr. Taphinon, proprietor-amateur, avenue de Paris, 53...Chinas...Sanguine..
Book  (1842)  Page(s) 277.  
R. ind. cruenta Red. et Th. Ros. 1. 2. Blood-coloured Indian Rose. Larger in all parts. Stem and branches almost without prickles. Leaflets red underneath. Stipules almost entire. Blooms almost the size of the common Tea rose, purple-red, somewhat nodding; petals broad, somewhat concave.
Book  (1839)  Page(s) 185.  
Rosa semperflorens pleno, or sanguinea is a celebrated rose, the foliage small, and of a reddish appearance. The flower is well shaped, and of a blood colour; wood of a slender growth, requires some protection in winter, or it will die to the surface of the ground; delights in sandy soil. This rose is frequently called anemone-flowered, although in no respects similar to the character of an anemone-flower. The Otaheite rose is of the same colour, but very inferior.
Book  (1838)  Page(s) 373.  
Rosa Chinensis. Bengal Cramoisi Double. La Sanguine. Blood-red China Rose. Shrub, feeble, spreading. Branches, Leaves and Flowerstalks, very purple. Flowers, middle-sized, rather globular, very double, velvety; of a vivid purple-crimson, with concave petals, the base white. Styles, twenty to twenty-five.
Book  (1836)  Page(s) Sect. II, p. 71.  
Chinensis. Sanquinea alias Cruenta. Very beautiful, little fragrance. Described earlier in the Table as the X. variety of ever-blooming roses [shows Damascena perpetua (?)]. Single, or double. The single blooms sometimes lighter.
Book  (1836)  Page(s) 308.  
Rosa chinensis Jacq. Bengale Sanguin; la sanguine Laffay. Bengale pourpre double; Bengale cramoisi double; Prévost. Arbuste faible, étalé; rameaux, feuilles et pédoncules tr?s pourpres; fleurs moyennes, un peu globuleuses, très doubles, veloutées, d'un pourpre-cramoisi très vif, à pétales concaves, ayant l'onglet blanc; vingt à trente-cinq styles.
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