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'Pink Peace' rose Reviews & Comments
Discussion id : 98-243
most recent 29 MAR 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 29 MAR 17 by Give me caffeine
Updated information:

Ok, it's a Hybrid Tea. Will defoliate at times, which I really do not like.

However, bush form is decent without much work, and it's not toooooo spikey.

Really hot weather hammers the flowers a bit. To be honest there would be a good argument for disbudding it over summer.

Speaking of which, this one will hold onto dead flowers forever. If you gave them half a chance I'm sure they would outlast King Tut's mummy. Basically, every bloom this bush ever produces will need to be deadheaded.

The good news is that in every season apart from summer the blooms are literally awesome.
Discussion id : 94-959
most recent 17 SEP 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 17 SEP 16 by Give me caffeine
If anyone is wondering how good the scent of this rose is:

Yesterday I took one of the blooms over to a friend's shop. One of the girls there stuck her nose in for a sniff, and started making "Mmmm" noises.

Two minutes later, her nose was still buried in the bloom and "Mmmm" noises were still emanating from her. We practically had to drag her out of there before she asphyxiated herself.

It really is that good.

So far my one is growing really well, after being planted from bare root in mid June. Very vigorous and bushy.

The plant has not been sprayed at all. A few of the lower leaves have had blackspot, but you wouldn't notice if you weren't looking for them. Blackspot resistance seems to be very high.
Discussion id : 87-948
most recent 20 SEP 15 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 20 SEP 15 by dan8
I'm growing Pink Peace in Zone 9A Northern CA. It is a very beautiful rose, the color is unsurpassed when it comes to richly colored pinks imo, it just seems to glow sometimes! I planted it a year and a half a go and it is a pretty good bloomer for me. In summer the blooms don't last in this dry heat, can char within a few hours, and sometimes only has a few petals. In cooler weather the blooms hold up pretty well, very full petals open up widely and look good a long time on the bush. The fragrance is medium to strong- citrusy, nothing that excites me in particular. I'm addicted to the fragrance of Chrysler Imperial and Heirloom. My main problem with this rose is Rust...really bad rust in early summer, the rust magnet of my garden. The leaves tend to be light green like they are lacking iron, I don't usually feed my roses anything other than an all purpose but maybe this one would benefit from extra chelated iron. Even though it has it's problems, it's hard to imagine myself without it because it is just such a beauty.
Discussion id : 82-893
most recent 30 JAN 15 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 30 JAN 15 by Give me caffeine
General information, that may be useful to someone.

I have a particular interest in this rose, and intend to get one in the not too distant future. However, after reading another post by "Chicago IL 5a" regarding experiments with variations in pH (see the 'Paul Neyron' comments, Discussion id : 52-806, Reply #1) I became curious about whether 'Pink Peace' might be similarly sensitive to pH in a no-spray garden. This is relevant to me since my locality (Australian east coast, sub-tropical) has soil that tends to be on the acidic side.

Looking through the member comments below I noticed that "Kona" (Discussion id : 12-519, Reply #2) has a no-spray garden in southern Georgia, so I went and looked up soil types for Georgia. There's a good summary of them on this page:

Kona's location is in the Southern Coastal Plain soil province. This province has soils that are generally acidic, with 95% of soils between pH 5.0 and 6.9, and 40% in the 6.0 to 6.5 range. These soils also tend to be high in magnesium, with content of other basic plant nutrients apparently being around average.

This is encouraging for me because it indicates that 'Pink Peace' is very tolerant of variations in pH and is likely to enjoy robust health on my local soils, which have a similar pH range to Georgia's Southern Coastal Plain soil province. I haven't checked on magnesium content of local soils yet, but it's quite possible that 'Pink Peace' would enjoy fairly regular doses of Epsom salts if the local soil was not high in magnesium.

(Incidentally, it's likely the same could be said about any rose which is healthy in both Chicago and southern Georgia)
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