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'Rosenelfe' rose References
Article (misc)  (Dec 2001)  Page(s) 114.  
the first Floribunda to have flowers like the Hybrid Tea
Website/Catalog  (1981)  Page(s) 48.  
Rosenelfe. Floribunda. (1939). 2-3 feet. Blooms repeatedly. Perfect rosette-type buds open in faultless form. Unexcelled for lasting quality in bouquets. Medium pink blossoms come 3-5 to a stem on an erect plant with dark green foliage. From Ms. Miriam D. Ebel, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, came this comment: “If any of our roses don’t make it, they will be replaced by Rosenelfe. It is not only perfect in form and color, it lasts as a cut flower beyond belief!”
Website/Catalog  (1977)  Page(s) 65.  Includes photo(s).
Rosenelfe. Floribunda. (1939) 2-3 feet. One of the roses closely associated with Will Tillotson since the beginning of his rose interest, and he wrote of it....”Once again, I cannot be merely factual, as this old friend dates back to my first real rose garden in Redlands, where I can see it blooming now in happy memory. The La France pink, double blooms are Hybrid Tea form....smaller, tighter and longer lasting, excellent for cutting. I shall always grow Rosenelfe, let all newcomers be, as they may be.” An excellent, sturdy plant with dark green, leathery foliage and an abundance of fragrant blooms. Often grown in hothouses for the florist trade because of its perfectly formed buds and long lasting qualities.
Book  (1959)  Page(s) 112.  
David Ruston. Renmark. Roses Under Irrigation. Rosenelfe, a clear rose pink that will hold its exquisite buds for several days on the bush, even in the hottest weather, is wonderful for floral work.
Book  (1958)  Page(s) 39.  
A. Brundrett. Victoria. Floribunda and Miniature Roses. Rosenelfe. Salmon to rose pink, semi-double, very firm, slow opening miniature exhibition specimens developing to three inch flowers. Erect habit.
Book  (1954)  
p38-3 Mrs. E. D. Hiddlestone, Nelson, NZ. The middle foreground is 3 ft standards of Rosenelfe.....

p94-3 C. H. Isaac, Carnegie, Victoria. The Roses of Tomorrow. Rosenelfe. Three feet. Perfect miniature roses of Chatenay pink, which are especially suitable for florists work. The young spring growth is a particularly lovely red colour.

p144-10 Miss P. Perkins, Ivercargill, New Zealand. Rosenelfe. Flowered from November until May; perfectly shaped pale pink blooms on strong stems and a good bush.
Book  (1953)  Page(s) 147.  
Frank Mason., Feilding, NZ. Floribundas v. Poulsen Roses v. Hybrid Polyanthas.
The next division would be the floribunda types, which are fuller petalled than the others, and in some cases can be disbudded until they could be shown as Hybrid Teas. I have actually seen this done. Rosenelfe and ....
Book  (1948)  Page(s) pp. 96.  Includes photo(s).
Rosenelfe. Floribunda (Hybrid Polyantha)
Website/Catalog  (1947)  Page(s) 50.  
Polyantha Roses. Rosenelfe. The colour is pink like Mad. Abel Chatenay. The blooms are lasting on the plant and stand well when cut. They are borne in large clusters; 3 feet.
Book  (1947)  Page(s) 229.  
Rosenelfe (Hybrid polyantha) is attractive from the moment its clustered pointed buds spring into existence. The delightful miniature perfectly-formed high-centred, double, pale-pink flowers are borne in clusters with quite long individual stems. Vigour is self-evident in the erect and branching growth, clad with shining light green foliage. Kordes 1937...Slightly fragrant...June-September. Hardy.
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