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'The Doctor' rose References
Website/Catalog  (4 Jan 1999)  Page(s) 39.  Includes photo(s).
The Doctor F.H. Howard 1936. Description... large, satiny, silver-pink flowers...
Book  (Feb 1993)  Page(s) 214.  Includes photo(s).
The Doctor Large-flowered hybrid tea. Parentage: Mrs. J.D. Eisele' x 'Los Angeles'. USA 1936. Description and cultivation... flowers: a medium silvery pink... an attractive cut flower and exhibition rose...
Book  (May 1992)  Page(s) 408.  
The Doctor Hybrid Tea. Howard (USA) 1936... large flowers of rich silver-pink with a satin sheen...
Book  (1985)  Page(s) 74.  
[Breeder Jean Henri Nicolas] was known as 'The Doctor', a title he rightfully held from his qualifications; he was respected by rosarians in many countries. He died in 1937, shortly after a large, fragrant, pink Hybrid Tea had been named 'The Doctor' in his honour by a Californian rose breeder, Fred Howard.
Website/Catalog  (1949)  Page(s) 7.  
'Mabel Francis'..... the colour suggests The Doctor'.
Website/Catalog  (1945)  Page(s) 20.  
'The Doctor'. Large buds. opening to semi-double to double blooms of a particularly pleasing shade of rich, satiny pink. The petals are unusually large and broad, building up very high class flowers which are freely produced. Growth is good. Highly recommended.
Website/Catalog  (1941)  Page(s) 10.  
New Roses 1940. The Doctor (HT. Howard & Smith 1936) F. 3. Large buds, opening to semi-double to double blooms of a particularly pleasing shade of rich, satiny pink. The petals are unusually large and broad, building up very high class flowers which are freely produced. Growth is good. Highly recommended. E. 2/6 each.
Book  (1940)  Page(s) 14.  
The Doctor (Howard and Smith), named in honour of the beloved Editor of the American Rose Annual, is a fitting tribute to a long life of untiring and increasing work on behalf of the Rose. In size, shape, colour, fragrance and growth it is hard to fault this beautiful variety. The summer blooms were good, but those produced in April and May were breath-taking in their superb qualities. The colour is warmer and more refined than most other varieties, while the long, broad petals build up a high-class bloom which will gain immediate popularity. Advices from England hinted that the growth was somewhat below standard, but local experience shows it has grown as well as any other vigorous variety nearby. Too often with extra good sorts the rush to propagate sufficient stocks to hold down novelty orders results in a weakening of constitution, but comparison side by side with other new and older sorts shows growth here is certainly not its weakness.
Website/Catalog  (1940)  Page(s) 20.  
New Roses 1940.  The Doctor (HT. Howard & Smith 1936) Large buds, opening to double to semi-double blooms of rich satiny pink of a very pleasing shade. The foliage is light green, while the growth is good with continuous blooming. 5/- each.
Good growth, pleasing colour, splendid shape with 35-40 large broad petals. A beautiful variety.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 212.  
Doctor, The (HT) Howard & Smith 1936 [Dreer]; silky pink, large, semi-double, cup form, lasting, floriferous, continuous bloom, abundant tender light green foliage, growth 6/10, bushy, 40 cm.
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