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Initial post 25 MAY 10 by palepinkrose
Your Pierre de Ronsard is Gorgeous!

I live in utah as well am am wondering where you purchaced yours.

I am also currious....which direction does your home face?

Have you had an problems with it?

Reply #1 of 2 posted 27 MAY 10 by Barbaraz6UT
Hello palepinkrose,
I purchased my Pierre de Ronsard/ Climbing Eden locally from Fred Meyer (now Smith's Marketplace) 9 years ago. Perhaps if you call around to local nurseries someone might stock it. Otherwise I do believe it's widely available by mail order.

My home faces SSE. Eden gets late afternoon shade in summer. Blooms last forever. It does not drop the blooms so you will have to deadhead when they look ratty. Took a few years to work up to good rebloom. Hope this info helps. Good luck.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 27 MAY 10 by palepinkrose
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Initial post 1 NOV 09 by Claudia
very beautyfull !!
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