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Initial post 9 MAY 13 by Janine Arlette
What beautiful dogs you have!
Reply #1 of 3 posted 10 MAY 13 by Henrique Rodrigues Vivián
Janine,these 2 dogs are also rescued , although I now its origin. They take care of my first garden (Azeitão). At Ramada (Lisboa) and my second garden, I have another dog which I will try to show you. thanks.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 10 MAY 13 by Janine Arlette
Hello Henrique,

oh how beautiful this one is. And he obviously likes you very much :)
It looks as tough we not only share a great love for roses but also for the big guys among the dogs.
I will add a photo of my former big boy "Urraco" who unfortunately moved to heaven at the age of eleven.
And a picture of "Saladin" who came to me from the streets of Romania and is now taking care of my two gardens, my two little female dogs from Malta and - of course - me.

Your gardens are also wonderful and I saved many of your photos as favorites that I wish to grow in my gardens some day...

Grrreetings from Germany to Portugal
Reply #3 of 3 posted 13 MAY 13 by Henrique Rodrigues Vivián
Hello Janine,

I apologize for my delay. This one is my shadow. If I move miself , well, always goes with me. Only at night ,when is on bed, a real human bed aside my computer, stays calm, sleeping like a baby but with 3 years old. About dogs I have a lot of stories. May be I could tell you some of them, in the future. So , we can say that we have at least 2 things we like very much. You have beautiful dogs, but your SALADIN is my favourite. I think is a LABRADOR RETRIEVER. I have had 2 in the past .

About roses, well , we can also speek about later. Anyway, thanks for your kind comments.

Greetings from Portugal to Germany.
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