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We are working on a group using the symbol of a rose. Is there a possibility to use this photo as an entrance. Non-profit.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 29 JAN 07 by Lyn G
It is a beautiful photo.... You need to contact the person who contributed the photo to the HelpMeFind site. You can do that by clicking the link above the photo for the contributor. That will take you to her garden listing and there is a button you can click to send a private email to her asking for permission to use the photo. Thank you for the courtesy of asking.


Reply #2 of 2 posted 29 JAN 07 by All Things Roses - Dove's California Garden
I appreciate that you asked, and most likely I will say feel free to use the photo for your group.
I consider it quite a complement.

I'm a very open-minded person, although I would like to know what the group is before I give permission.
I'm pretty sure I have a larger size of the photo if that would be helpful.

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