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My Garden
'My Garden'  photo
Photo courtesy of Jeff Britt
Member rose and clematis garden   Listing last updated on 15 Nov 2018.
San Francisco, California
United States
USDA Zone: 9b
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I have a typical garden space in San Francisco, 25 ft. wide, by 65 ft. deep and surrounded on three sides by 6 ft fences and by the house and deck on the fourth side. The garden orients SSE so it catches the early morning light well and is sunny all day, when the sun deigns to come out. San Francisco's climate is monotonously cool, mild and damp, even though we get NO rain from mid April until mid-November. There is a very gentle slope away from the house down to the bottom of the garden, only two large fruit trees for shade (walnut and pear) and excellent soil -- clay-loam well amended with organic matter.

My garden is inspired and influenced by many trips to England which made a great impression on this avid gardener and plant enthusiast. I have what many would call an "English style" garden -- lots or roses, clematis, perennials and flowering shrubs, with just a few topiary and good garden stone statuary and pots. I have been on many garden tours, including the Open Days scheme, have had my garden's photo's published in Martha Stewart magazine and Madame Figaro, as well as a spread the book "Great Gardens in Small Spaces." I only wish I had more space to grow more and more roses and clematis!
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