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Ginni and Andy's Garden
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Initial post 23 MAR 06 by Kris Siuciak

I am searching for infor on Cl. Tropicana or even Tropicana in Zone 5 Illinois. I was given this as a gift and would like to give it a good chance. I plan to plant the union 5 inches deep. How does it do for disease resistance for you? Thanks Kris
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Initial post 16 JAN 06 by John Moody
Can you tell me how Love & Peace has done for you winter hardiness-wise?? Do you protect it during the winter??
Reply #1 of 1 posted 16 JAN 06 by Ginni and Andy's Garden
Love & Peace is a great rose in our zone. I used to winter protect it, and don't anymore because I suspect it's gone from a grafted rose to an own root because of the dirt we mounded up on the canes the first couple years we had it. I recommend this rose, you'll love it!
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Initial post 6 JUL 04 by Lori
Ginni and Andy,

I've recently moved in Oak Park and am lucky to have a large sunny garden. I have some favorite roses that I will plant.

Could you suggest roses that you find to have the best repeat here in Illinois? Any height, any color (except orange). I have lots of room and plan to put in many this fall and next spring.

Thanks for your photos. Beautiful!

Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 JUL 04 by anonymous-60351
Hi there,
I have found that the David Austin rose named Tamora is one of the best for me, it's a pale peach color, but not what I'd call orange. It has a great fragrance and repeats like crazy all thru the blooming season. Another one we love is Liebeszauber, a very hardy red rose. We also like Queen Elizabeth(pink), First Prize(mauve), Paradise(mauve)David Austin's Charlotte(yellow) and Heritage(pink), Yves Piaget(pink), Francois Rabelais(red), Carefree Beauty(pink), Carefree Sunshine(yellow) and Knock Out (red).

I hope this helps!
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Initial post 11 SEP 03 by Unregistered Guest
Dear Ginni and Andy,
I am a first year rose gardener in Chicago, IL, western suburbs. I have planted only Sunsprite FB and Yellowstone shrub so far, and they are doing just great ( to my surprise:-) I am looking for a pink or red climber, disease resistant, preferably with 30 and more petals, and I like America's pictures a lot. Could you tell me if this gorgeous flower in your picture came from your IL garden and if yes, how do you care about America in IL?
Thank you very much in advance.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 JUL 04 by anonymous-60351
Hi Natasha,
Yes, our Climbing America is growing in my Illinois garden. It's a nice rose, sort of a coral orange color, lots of blooms with a light fragrance. It gets some blackspot in our garden because we don't spray any chemicals. In the winter we give it some extra care, we heap dirt on the base of the rose canes about 12" deep and then lie the long canes down and cover them with straw and leaves, then a tarp. We've had this rose for 3 years and it's done well every year. It has blackspot pretty bad this year because of all the rain we had in May. It is a lovely rose otherwise.

Another climber that gets no disease in our garden is called New Dawn and it's a great pink climber. It is very hardy, needs no winter protection, altho we did heap some dirt at it's base last winter, just to be sure it would come through, but it was just fine. It blooms a lot and is very large and healthy. I would highly recommend this rose if you're a beginner because it's so easy to grow.

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