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Ann's Rosebuds
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Initial post 18 SEP by mamabotanica
I see you have Folklore listed for your garden. I've read here that it gets HUGE in cooler climates and am a little hesitant to plant the one I have in my zone 10 garden. What's your experience in zone 9 been with this rose?
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Initial post 10 NOV 13 by Roses4Nana
I just looked at your plant list and you also have a Grace Seward. Hopefully you can help tell me what would distinguish Grace Seward from Sharon's Delight. Thanks.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 NOV 13 by Rupert, Kim L.
Habit of plant is different between the two. The petal shape is different and in particular, the color of the stamen. Grace tends to have coral pink anthers and pollen where Sharon's Delight's are yellow. Grace's petals are more pointed; Sharon's are blunt to scalloped, forming a more rounded flower as opposed to Grace's more star shape. Grace forms a denser bush; Sharon's is more open, formed from longer canes with clusters of flowers at their ends.
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Initial post 10 NOV 13 by Roses4Nana
I purchased what I thought was a Magic Carrousel miniature rose. It just bloomed for the first time and it is definitely not Magic Carrousel. I sent a message with picture to the nursery and they say it is either a Sharon's Delight or a Grace Seward. When I compare the two they are very similar. I can not make an definitive decision looking at the single bloom and the pictures on help me find. Since you have Sharon's Delight I was wondering if you find it has any fragrance. Also, do the blooms fold up at night? Any help you can provide would be appreciated. I show roses and need to be able to correctly enter the variety.
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