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Sacramento Historic Rose Garden
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Initial post 13 MAR 16 by Patricia Routley
Mark not my grave with stone or sculptur’d urn,
I want no labour’d art where I repose;
When life is past, and I to dust return
I’d lie beneath the shadow of a Rose.
Plant me a Rose my resting place to hide!
The crystal drops of dew her petals weep,
Will seem like tears she could not brush aside,
While at her feet her lover lies asleep.
….John Kendrick Blogg.

The roses at the Sacramento City Cemetery, California need immediate world-wide help.
See here:
Reply #1 of 2 posted 15 MAR 16 by billy teabag
Weeping at the prospect of the loss of many roses that adorn the graves.

There must be a way this can be reconsidered.
There are email addresses available if HMF members wish to contact the city officials.
Is it OK to copy the addresses here?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 15 MAR 16 by Patricia Routley
I think not. Included email addresses here apparently attracts SPAM to the site.
The URL i have quoted above will lead to email addresses that one can use. I sent 10 emails and have already received an answer from the Sacramento Council, the last two paragraphs of which are:

The guidelines put together by the ad-hoc committee call for roses to be trimmed around the gravesites so that visitors can access and see the headstones. During the planning sessions, it was also recommended that the climbing roses and non-historic trellises be relocated to the stone fence that surrounds the cemetery. The move of the trellises will take place in December.

All recommendations received input prior to being put in place and agreed to by all of the volunteers in attendance. The planning efforts and the on-going guidelines are in place so that both the historic cemetery and headstones may be enjoyed along with the rose garden. In an effort to alleviate any misunderstandings among the group, the City will be meeting with the ad-hoc committee to review the plans to ensure that everyone is in agreement.
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