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Ellwanger, Henry Brooks
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Initial post 15 FEB 15 by Hardy
Henry Ellwanger was a man of strong opinions, but history has not been kind to all of them. I don't know whether he tended to judge a rose on the basis of a single (possibly atypical or misidentified) specimen, or quite what the problem was, but some roses he describes differently from other authors. He may praise at great length a cultivar which is now considered of very little interest, or belittle one which is now considered great. When he doesn't like a rose, he will not hesitate to declare it to be of little or no worth, or of an undesirable sort, usually without any explanation as to why he felt that way. Although Ellwanger knew an awful lot about roses, and most of what he says seems accurate enough, I'd encourage readers to check his statements against those of other authors, because once in a while he just seems... wrong.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 16 FEB 15 by Patricia Routley
Some of his “too much alike” roses (on p167) is of interest to me. For instance
‘Bon Silene’ and ‘Goubault’
‘Safrano’ and ‘Mme. Charles’.

I have indexed my 1893 William Heinemann. London version of this book.
If anybody would like this index, which does save flicking through a fragile old book, please send me a private message.
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