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The Rose Annual (The National Rose Society, 1907-1965)
(1921)  Page(s) 145 / 169.  Includes photo(s).
Adonis, H. T. (Bees, Ltd.). This is a lively pale yellow Rose. Of vigorous habit of growth. The blooms are large, well-formed and sweetly scented. After the style of Mrs. David McKee, but to me a distinct improvement an that variety. The plant exhibited was free from mildew, and the dark olive green leathery foliage would tend to show it was tolerably free from that trouble. A first-class garden Rose.
(1912)  Page(s) 156.  
H. R. Darlington and G. L. Paul. The Pruning of the Multifloras. Other multifloras which are crosses with the Noisettes and Teas, flower best on short laterals from the older wood, and more of this must be retained. Kinds such as ‘Aglaia’ and ‘Tea Rambler’ may be instanced.
(1914)  Page(s) 168.  
Miss M. E. Curle (Melrose). ‘Aglaia’, ‘Alister Stella Gay’ and ‘Fellenberg’ are distinctly tender and are often frosted to the ground.
(1907)  Page(s) 69.  
"A good exhibition rose"
(1910)  Page(s) 45.  
Alfred Tate.  On the Treating and Training of Weeping Standards.
....Some of the other climbing Roses also make good weepers, but are more stiff in habit, and must be forcibly tied down, viz: Tea Rambler, 'Tausendschon, Perpetual Thalia, rugosa repens alba, Climbing Aimee Vibert
(1963)  Page(s) 184.  
S. McGredy & Son Ltd. advertisement. 'Alamein'....
(1964)  Page(s) 153.  
(1911)  Page(s) 25.  
Described in 'Some Good Climbing Roses" by H. R. Darlington.
Albéric Barbier and Gardenia are again Roses which bear a strong resemblance to each other. Alberic Barbier flowers a little...
(1913)  Page(s) 96.  Includes photo(s).
Wichuraiana Ramblers. By Dr. A. H. Williams, Vice-President N.R.S.
The wichuraiana Ramblers fall naturally into two well defined groups:
I. The Early, containing those varieties whose main flowering season is in the month of June. They are mostly hybrids of R. wichuraiana with Teas, H.T.'s, H.P.'s, and Chinas. The trusses are as a rule not large, though they may sometimes contain a dozen or more blooms. The individual flowers are often large, sometimes four or five inches across.
Early Flowering Double Varieties.
Albéric Barbier. — An old favourite, of rampant growth. The foliage is dense, of firm, dark, glossy green, almost evergreen, and not liable to mildew. The trusses are small and are produced in great profusion. The flowers are of good size and form and fully double. The buds are a rich golden yellow, and open to creamy white blooms. A number of stray blooms appear in the autumn. One of the best rambling Roses for any purpose.
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