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Rariorum aliquot Stirpium, per Pannoniam, Austriam, & vicinas quasdam Provincias observatarum Historia
(1583)  Page(s) 109-110, 112.  Includes photo(s).
Rosa cinamomea pleno flore..rarely exceeding two cubits height, endowed with numerous short purplish branches, which armed with infrequent short prickles: the foliage is similar to that of the rose commonly known as Cinnamon, having five to seven equal leaflets interspaced constantly, another....always adhering, solitary rising at the tips of the branches, upper part green, lower truly whitish: blooms similar to the common Cinnamon Rose, but larger & with multiple petals as Albas and Praenestinas [gallica], yet smaller, fragrance as in alba rosa: fruit does not stay as many years as I have grown it, roots grow exceedingly slow,....
(1583)  Page(s) 109.  
Rosa sine spinis...
Rosa sine spinis. Many stalks growing from root to reach sometimes man-high, smooth & without prickles, green, branched: having three or five along the rib (which is somewhat rough), always two opposing each other, the terminal impair quite large, dark green glossy above, whitish below: blooms on the terminal branches, having oblong hirsute peduncles, multiple petals of foirm texture, larger than Praenestina [gallica], a medium colour between these and red, agreeable fragrance, short fat fruit circularly winged, reddish when mature, uneven seeds, contained in down: hard roots, mostly woody, and equally propagating with laterally under soil.
This I have received from Dr. Johannes Schröter senior, Primas of the University of Jena in Thuringia, doctor to the illustrious Duke of Saxony, Landgraf of Thuringia & Prince of Coburg and Weimar, who obtained it from the Prince Earl of Mansfeld and courteously sent it to me in Vienna in 1576. Blooms in June.
(1583)  Page(s) 109.  
Rosa sine spinis altera. Another variety discovered not very dissimilar with small infrequent blooms of constant structured petals, the colour of wine dregs.
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