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An Illustrated Manual of California Shrubs
(1939)  Page(s) 183.  
Rosa pinetorum Heller. Pine Rose. Fig. 194. A slender low sparingly branched shrub, ¾-foot to 2½ feet high, usually armed with numerous bristles, and slender straight prickles. Leaflets 5 to 7, roundish or oval, ⅜-inch to 1¼ inches long, nearly glabrous above, slightly pubescent and glandular on the veins beneath, doubly or singly serrate with gland-tipped teeth; petioles and rachieses usually glandular; stipules conspicuously glandular. Flowers usually solitary; pedicels glandular-hispid, bristly, or glabrous; sepals glandular on the back; petals obcordate, about ¾-inch long; hypanthium globose, not glandular-hispid or prickly. Flowering period, May to July. Pine rose occurs in the pine wood in the vicinity of Monterey Bay and in the Sierra Nevada from Tulare County northward to Shasta County, in the Transition and lower part of the Canadian Life Zones. In general habit of growth this species is easily confused with R. gymnocarpa from which is can be distinguished by the persistent calyx on the fruit.
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