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The Canadian Horticulturist
(1887)  Page(s) 146.  
in 1863 a fine double white sort was sent over from Japan by Mr. Robert Fortunei, and named C. Fortunei after this gentleman. Though somewhat fragrant, it is surpassed in this respect by the Duchess of Edinburgh, which is now counted the best ...
(Oct 1883)  Page(s) 228-9.  
Not enough attention is given to the Tea Roses and Bourbons. The Hybrid Remontants justly claim our first attention when they are in their perfection; but after their first blooming is over, throughout July, August, and September, they are much less attractive than many monthly Roses. Varieties like Bougère, Gerard Desbois, Homer, Sombreuil, Madame de Vatry, Marie Van Houtte, Madame Caroline Kuster, will give a continuous supply of flowers throughout the summer and autumn.
(1892)  Page(s) 149.  
Among the many varieties of recent introduction, the following are a few of the greatest promise, as noted while in flower last season.
Mrs. Degraw (Bourbon). somewhat resembling Appoline, but a more abundant bloomer, more compact and dwarf, and quite as hardy...
(1898)  Page(s) 432.  
Papa Gontier - a remarkably free blooming, strong and rapid growing rose, of an intense shade of rich crimson.
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