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Chronicle (Adelaide, South Australia)
(21 Jun 1919)  Page(s) 9.  
Judging from the number of plants of the new rose ‘Black Boy’ that have been put out, every one planting roses this season must have secured one. This rose, raised by Mr. Alister Clark, of Victoria, and presented to the South Australian Horticultural Society, and National Rose Society of South Australia, these societies benefiting solely from the sales of the plants, is described as the darkest climbing variety yet offered. It is said to be a magnificent grower, mildew proof, and sweetly scented, and the color is a deep crimson, shaded blackish maroon, overlaying fiery scarlet, giving a rich luminous effect. The stock raised this season has been practically exhausted, and it is doubtful if a plant could now be obtained, but if you have not secured one already, it is worth trying to get one. The plants seen by “Genista” have all been well grown, while their excellent condition should result in good growth during the next few months, and growers will await with interest the opening of their first blooms.
(1 May 1920)  Page(s) 9.  
A thousand plants of ‘Black Boy’, the darkest crimson climber ever sent out, show the remarkably strong growth of the rose. Every plant has been budded from buds sent to the firm by Mr. Alister Clark from his magnificent plants at Glenara, and every plant will be absolutely true. The firm are this year enabled to offer ‘Black Boy’ at 2/-, a reduction of 1/6 on last year’s price, and if ‘Black Boy’ is required it will be advisable to purchase from this source.
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