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Antique Rose Emporium
(1 Apr 2016)  
2012. Caroline Hunt is a large, chunky shrub with a relaxed growth habit. The flowers are heavy on the bush much like bells. It blooms throughout the growing season. Lineage consists of 'Francis Dubreuil', 'Carefree Beauty' and 'Old Blush'. 4 to 6 feet Z5-9 R Fr
(30 Apr 2015)  Includes photo(s).

”Del Rio” Found. Zone 5. Shrub. 3-5ft. Repeat. pink. Scent. No hips.
The fine rosarian, Mrs. Cleo Barnwell, obtained a start of this plant from Jose Marrero in Puerto Rico. Narrower than many Tea bushes in habit, "Puerto Rico" retains the typical good health and sturdy growth of the class. The medium-sized, very fragrant flowers bloom in loose clusters of three, opening from a cupped shape to nearly flat. The color is creamy white with just a hint of apricot-pink, and is a lovely addition to floral arrangements. Fragrance is sweet and clean. 4 to 6 feet Z7-9 R Fr w
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