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The Complete Book of Roses (Krüssmann 1981)
(1981)  Page(s) 318.  
Canary Bird. Probably R. hugonis x R. xanthina; formerly thought to be R. xanthina f. spontanea, and confused with this. Shrub: flowers canary-yellow, single, 6-7 cm./2.4-2.8 in. across, May-June, very floriferous; hips blackish-red; growth chest-high, stems in the lower part armed with many triangular, large, flat prickles, arching, bark finally dark brown; leaflets 9-13, elliptic-oblong, denticulate, first hairy below. Exhibited in England for the first time in 1945.
(1981)  Page(s) p.255.  
R. x pteragonis Krause f. cantabrigiensis (Weaver) Rowley (= R. hugonis x R. sericea var. hookeri). Shrub, about 2 m. 6.6 ft. high, stems very bristly, strictly upright, leaflets 7-11, hairy and glandular on the veins beneath and the teeth; flowers solitary, bright yellow, 5 cm./2 in. across, June; pedicels 2cm./0.4 in. long, glandular, as is the outside of the sepals....(= R. cantabrigiensis Weaver). Originated before 1931 in the Botan. Garden, Cambridge.
(1981)  Page(s) 159.  
Mondial Roses...Hybridized themselves ...'Caravelle'...
(1981)  Page(s) 320.  
Cayenne. HT. (W.A. Warriner / Jackson & Perkins, 1974). 'South Seas' x seedling. Deep orange, very double, 35-40 petals, slight scent, borne singly; blooms all summer; bud pointed, short; growth medium high, upright; foliage semi-glossy.
(1981)  Page(s) 162.  
The cultivars of...[H.A.M. Verschuren]....'Centurio'....
(1981)  Page(s) 159.  
Mondial Roses...Hybridized themselves ...'Claire-France'....
(1981)  Page(s) 325.  
Complicata. G. [Gallica] (possibly a macrantha hybrid). Brilliant pur pink with white center, 12 cm./5 in. across, single, finally flat, stamens golden-yellow, very floriferous along the branches, June; growth very strong, 2 x 2 m./6.6 x 6.6 ft. or more; foliage large, light green. GSR 160-152 [Gault & Synge, Dictionary of Roses in color, London, 1971] ; HRo 29; GiS 1 [Gibson, Srub roses for every garden, London, 1973]; RA 1976:121 [The Rose Annual]. Can be propagated from cuttings easily.
(1981)  Page(s) 159.  
Mondial Roses...Hybridized themselves ...'Corso Fleuri'...
(1981)  Page(s) 278.  
R. x coryana Hurst ( = R. macrophylla x R. roxburghii). Shrub, strong growing, to 2.5m./8.3 ft. high, densely bushy; stems similar to R. macrophylla, few prickles; leaves similar to R. roxburghii; flowers dark pink, single, 5-7cm./2-2.8 in. across, June; 2n=14. GSR 154. (= R. macrophylla coryana). Originated 1926 in the Botanic Garden, Cambridge. Used for hybridizing by S. McGredy; often erroneously spelled "R. koreana" in nursery catalogues.
(1981)  Page(s) 318.  
Crispata. Shrub. (J.C. Schmidt, 1902) Rugosa-seedling. Clear pink to yellowish salmon-pink, medium large, single, many stamens; growth prostrate to semi-climbing; foliage peculiarly curly.
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