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Roses and Rose Gardens
(1914)  Page(s) 53.  
...Conrad F. Meyer, large, light rose, double, very sweet.
(1914)  Page(s) 221.  
Conrad F. Meyer.-Another hybrid rugosa, and a most beautiful one, with double rose highly scented flowers. There was some complicated cross-breeding in the production of this beautiful Rose, for it has the blood of Gloire de Dijon, (which is a Tea); Duc de Rohan (H.P.), and Germanica in its veins.
(1914)  Page(s) insert after p.220.  Includes photo(s).
Countess of Gosford. A pretty salmon-pink H.T., a good garden Rose.
(1914)  Page(s) insert after p.48.  Includes photo(s).
Rose Elisa Robichon. A charming rosy yellow Wichuraiana introduced by Barbier in 1903; it is an early summer bloomer.
(1914)  Page(s) 274.  
Elli Hartmann, H.T., old gold.
(1914)  Page(s) 275.  
Eugènie Lamesch, Poly. Pompon, yellow.
(1914)  Page(s) 52.  
Eugénie Lamesch is distinctive both in its colour, which is bright yellow, with a reddish edge in the bud stage ; and its perfume, which is reminiscent of the delicious odour of Violets.
(1914)  Page(s) 275.  
Excellency Kuntze, Wich., crimson.
(1914)  Page(s) 275.  
Fellenberg, N, rose.
(1914)  Page(s) 276.  
Franz Deegen, H.T., yellow.
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