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Law Somner & Co Nursery, Richmond, Victoria, - catalogue
(1886)  Page(s) 88.  
‘Madame la Comtesse de Caserta’. Copper red; large; petals thick, not very full, superb for bouquets.
(1950)  Page(s) 37.  
Comtesse Vandal (HT). Coppery salmon, high quality blooms, very floriferous, unique in color.
(1913)  Page(s) 110.  
Countess Cairns (HT). A seedling from 'President' and 'Caroline Testout'; flowers cerise crimson not full, but of large size, with handsome petals, and produced in great profusion.
(1928)  Page(s) 133.  
Cracker. HT. Single rich, striking red with yellow stamens.
(1928)  Page(s) 129.  
‘Cuba’ (Pern). The long buds are almost scarlet. The open flowers are a very uncommon shade of orange-scarlet or Lincoln-red on the back of the petals, and the colour on the inside of the petals is a rich light velvety scarlet-crimson, with carmine towards the tips of the petals. Very sweetly perfumed.
(1886)  Page(s) 90.  
Miscellaneous Roses.
Dometell Becar (Briar): white, striped with rose, full and fine, pretty.
(1913)  Page(s) 111.  
Elise von Schwichow (Hinner, H.T.) Growth and form similar to Caroline Testout; colour bright dark red. A splendid rose for all purposes.
(1913)  Page(s) 105.  
‘Ethel’ (W). A delightful shade of flesh-pink, semi-double; flowering profusely in large trusses; highly recommended for table decoration; beautiful light green foliage very distinct; a seedling from ‘Dorothy Perkins’. Very vigorous habit of growth. Awarded Card of Commendation. N.R.S.
(1916)  Page(s) 203.  
‘Ethel’ (W). A pretty flesh pink.
(1886)  Page(s) 87.  
‘Eugene Desgaches’, clear rose, beautiful, large and full. Very sweet and hardy.
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