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Dot, Pedro (Pere)
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Dot, Pedro breeder photo
Breeder photo courtesy of Patricia Routley
From The Rose Annual, 1950, p107 & p108 Fig. 1 shows the calyx of a Rose which has been prepared to act as seed parent, i.e., as had the petals and stamens removed. After choosing the Rose which is to act as pollen parent from which the stalk, sepals and pistils are removed, as shown in Fig. 2, a paper cone has been previously prepared with two holes (marked C), Fig. 3. Fig. 4 shows how calyx B of Fig. 2 is fitted into the paper cone under slight pressure so that it holds in its place even when the cone is inverted and placed over calyx A of Fig. 1, leaving a small space in between the stamens and pistils, which should coincide approximately with the two air vents of the cone, which should then be tied round the stalk of calyx A. A few moments are sufficient to prepare this system of hybridizing, which has the advantage over the standard method of hybridization of being prepared in one operation at any time of the day, any temperature and any weather during the spring. The only essentials are to know how-to choose the two calyxes, which should be approximately in .the same state of growth, so that after a few hours of haying carried out the operation they ripen evenly. The dropping of the pollen coincides with its absorption by the pistils, and will take place sooner or later according to the temperature. It will occur automatically; hence the term" automatic system."
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Uploaded 6 OCT 16
Dot, Pedro breeder photo
Breeder photo courtesy of AmiRoses
Pere Dot a la terrassa de Sol i Vent llegint Modern Roses II.
Uploaded 12 AUG 12
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