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Harison, George Folliott
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Initial post 3 MAY 14 by CybeRose
American Rose Annual 22: 42 (1937)
I have what seems to be a beautiful double white Harison's Yellow which was found in a wild state in the timber near here. It is an exact duplicate of Harison's Yellow in habit of growing and in its new, very thorny reddish canes. It appears to be an escaped hybrid of R. spinosissima, the Scotch rose, to which Harison's Yellow is sometimes assigned.

American Rose Annual 28: 8 (1943)
Farther down the list we come to "Harrison's White--rose within rose, 25 cents." What has become of this latter hybrid bearing Mr. Harison's name is hidden in the yeasty mists of American rose history. I haven't encountered it anywhere outside this Prince catalogue of 1844, and I've no intention of rousing it from a century of somnolent obscurity.

Magazine of Horticulture 3: 125 (1837)
Mr. Harrison's white variety has but one fault, and that is its shy blooming; we had remarked this in a plant in our possession, but supposed it arose from ill health, until he informed us himself that it was a spare bloomer. Some of his other new kinds are in the vicinity of Boston, and will probably bloom next season. Another year will undoubtedly produce many new sorts.
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Initial post 29 JUN 12 by odinthor
A full treatment of the life of George Folliott Harison will be found in the book *Gardener's Tribute* (1949), pp. 68-82, by Richardson Wright. He indeed was an attorney, not (as formerly thought by many, including myself) a cleric at Trinity Church, New York. Introduction of 'Harison's Yellow' through nurseryman Thomas Hogg is speculative (but likely). It is possible that 'Harison's Yellow' was actually bred or found by G.F. Harison's father Richard Harison, but then passed along to Hogg by the son after the father's death.
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