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Radler, William J.
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most recent 17 OCT 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 17 OCT 16 by Patricia Routley
For William Radler.

< Do any of the numbered coded roses have a RADcode? We have a few miscellaneous RADcoded names wandering around the site. - Patricia

>As I have time I will check the site to see...... If you find any let me know. - William

Here are some:
RADcotee <2011
RADcovery <2011
RADell <2002
RADer <2007
RADfab <2014
RADkoswe <1997
RADlots <2011
RADmis <2011
RADmom <2008
RADorg <2007
RADraztwice <2014
RADrise <2011
RADrise 2 <2002
RADsbs <2006
RADspot <2006
RADtee <2007
RADvel <1997

Oh – and then we have ‘Faucille’ wandering around naked and codeless.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 17 OCT 16 by Margaret Furness
I looked up Faucille (= sickle) to see if there was a joke in it, but got no further than a sickle being naked without a hammer.
Discussion id : 26-310
most recent 13 MAY 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 13 MAY 08 by Unregistered Guest
Mr. Radler, I have been reading as much about you as possible. Your history with roses and your many accomplishments are amazing to me. I have fallen in love with the Red Double Knock Out. My grandson, and gardening partner, is 9 yrs old, and this is the rose he has chosen to be put into his garden bed. He loves red. Now, to my question. I purchased 3 more red Knock Outs about 3 weeks ago. They were and are beautiful. I went back today to purchase a few more and for some strange reason, they had landed up in a spot that is scorched with sun all day and they had not been watered in many many days. There they all sat, clumped and mashed together, with some of the leaves close to the bottoms crispy brown. I purchased all 45 of them and have them in my backyard recouperating. I put them in dappled shade , just until they start to plump out again. And I watered them well. Is there anything else that you suggest for me to do to speed up, or help their recovery. I have Miracle Gro rose food. How long should I wait before I fertilize them? Thankyou so much for a speedy answer.
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