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This might be added to the "References" tab; "The Origin of the Rugosa Hybrid, F. J. Grootendorst, - A letter in May, 1923, from a Holland nurseryman who has given the most careful and useful attention to compiling an accurate list of rose varieties, mentions the origin of this excellent and unusual Polyantha hybrid in the following words: 'I was among the jury that gave the first award to this rose. It was in the nursery of a very small fellow, and I remember that we gave it the highest award because we thought of the greatest possibilities of this rose in a rough climate. Some people have blamed us for it, but I am still proud of my share in it. You will find the name of the raiser (De Goey) in our coming list (Grootendorst is the introducer only), which list is now ready for the press."

1924 American Rose Annual, p. 186.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 SEP by jedmar
We'll do it once the References tab is operational again!
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Initial post 15 JUL by Singularly Beautiful Roses
Very resistant to black spot here in central GA. Lots of nearly single flowers.
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If you appreciate the contrast of maroon stamens this is a great rose. Upright in habit - long cutting stems. Above average resistance to black spot!
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Initial post 29 DEC 13 by Singularly Beautiful Roses
Tom's R. soulieana derivative is listed on HMF with the following parentage. Zorina x [R. soulieana x Europeana] x Sunsprite. I'm assuming that is the properly attributed pollen parent of Flutterbye.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 28 JAN by Michael Garhart
There are two. One with Sunsprite and one with Trumpeter. The remaining (Zorina, Rosa soul., and Europeana) portion is the same.

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