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28 NOV 12
For the new garden part debuting in 2013, a few new varieties are on its way. Given the tragic non-stop rain we keep having, I have now explicitly searched for varieties which can withstand rain well (except fro Mme Boll), are very tough and healthy, has a full body of leafs and as much scent as possible.

*Pope John Paul II -my first HT (conflicting info on rain resistance -potential alternative: White Knight)
*White Gold

*Schloss Ippenburg -my second HT
*Prairie Joy
*Mme Boll (not entirely balling-safe so might have to go)
*Blackberry Nip


Cross your fingers!
8 FEB 12
Note to self:
Drop Hansestadt Rostock -too short.

Look at lemon-cream roses:
Light Fantastic & Irish Hope
6 FEB 12
After an awful long search process, one has finally managed to come up with a new list of suspects:

"Blushing Knock Out Rose" (Bell) -Impossible to buy as no one sells it! I have checked with the list here in HMF but they are incorrect. The listed companies either do not have it or have stopped to export to Europe "because shipping is too expensive"... I just wonder when consumers started to expect that shipping costs ought to be free. So what is the real problem?

"Music Box" (Lim) -Impossible to buy as no one sells it! And as usual, the breeders or wholesalers do not refer to the retailers that sell it. It begs the question: why is it so difficult for rose breeders to procure competencies they do not possess themselves?...Or am I simply an overly critical consumer who is pissed off because I cannot get what I want, in spite of the fact that everyone would be better off if I got what I wanted? Yes, yes, steady now.

"Earth Song" (Buck)

"White Gold" (Cocker)

"Hansestadt Rostock" (Evers)

"Blueberry Hill" (Carruth)

"Playboy" (Cocker)

"Absolutely Fabulous" (Carruth)

"Everest Double Fragrance" (Beales) -Not at all sure about the look of the bush but other qualities are good.

Healthy, leafy, prolific, strong scent (on most), strong growers (some), nice branching (some), self-cleanig (some), long lasting flowers (some), cold hardy (some). Will be fun to follow developments.
13 JUL 10
After several years of growing roses, I have become quite picky. The only rose that I so far can say has truly extraordinary qualities is 'Lyda Rose'. Beautiful leaves, vigorous growth, completely healthy, good scent, beautiful large apple blooms in large clusters that last very, very long and which are held high above the foliage. It has a more natural look compared to many modern roses with either too neat and rounded bushes, or too large and heavy flowers. If it grows against a tree trunk or a larger bush it may display some climbing tendencies, just as its parent. To top this off, it sets hips as well.

Still, as one who is hooked on roses, I cannot leave it with that, of course. I nurture a dream of beginning my own breeding program, on a very small scale. My candidates are allready selected and all but 'Little Butterfly', 'Too Cute', and 'Lavaglut' are already in place and growing perfectly.

'Acapella' -Very hardy, completely healthy, good scent, grows very evenly with beautiful reddish-blue leaves. Rather large, high-centered flowers that last reasonably long. Grows very well also during cold and rainy summers. Extraordinary rose. (Tantau)

'Chopin' -Hardy, completely healthy, with huge and high centred cream coloured flowers. There is some, but weak, scent and flowers withstand rain and last around two weeks. The great benefit of this rose -besides its healthiness- is the foliage. 'Chopin' has very large, glossy and apple green leaves that are flat on each side of the central nerve and held horisontally. It gives a very fresh and healthy impression, with elegance added by the way that the leaves are evenly balanced. Whereas the bush repeats slowly, I believe it will add very good value to a breeding programme through most of its qualities. By combining the strengths of the other roses, there should be good things coming out of this...maybe.

'Lavaglut' -Beautiful, deep red colour with fantastically long-lasting flowers. The large clusters of flowers are held well above the evenly growing foliage. I like the smallish size of the flowers, as well as the fact that it is not too crowded with petals. It appears to be completely healthy as well as very cold hardy. The one weakness is that it lacks scent.

'Little Butterfly' -Seems to be absolutely fantastic. Neat and rounded, completely healthy, polyantha flowers, loosely built, good scent and can apparently take drought. Still do not know if flowers last long.

'Lyda Rose' -see above.

'Penny Lane' -Now, I am not a fan of the way in which the leaves grow on this wichuriana climber. But, it has so many other great qualities that it must be part of my budding breeding program. It is of course extremely cold hardy. Completely healthy and with great vigour if planted in a sufficiently warm spot. Add to that beautifully shaped flowers, held upright and in clusters of three to five flowers coloured champagne pink. Of course, the colour, together with the leaves, are the weakest points. But the discreet colour is compensated by the very, almost unbelievably long-lasting flowers, with a fantastic and strong raspberry/lily of the valley scent. I have it planted on the fence to my terrace to get a whiff of this miracle while having my morning coffee.

'Jasmina' -Another climber/rambler with fantastic qualities. Completely healthy, vigorous, tons of small and beautifully shaped flowers with a good, strong scent. The best feature may however actually be the glossy, apple green and rounded leaves. A great rose with qualities that could benefit new varieties.

'Darlow's Enigma' -A climber/rambler that I suspect is some kind of cross with 'Trier'. The flowers remind me of 'Yvonne Rabier', but the leaves and the reddish stems, as well as the zig-zag pattern of how the stems grow, are very similar to 'Trier'. Everything is great on this elegant rose. Refined, graceful, fresh, vigorous and with a lovely rose scent. Very cold hardy too.

'Carefree Sunshine' -Great, healthy and really carefree rose. Prolific bloomer and nicely shaped roses of freer, more natural and open form. Very vigorous and strong, well branched bush with good foliage. Petals drop off neatly.

'Distant Drums' -Perfectly formed flowers to my taste. Strong scent, completely healthy, very cold hardy and a neatly growing bush. It helps that it blooms very well to. The flowers are held well above the foliage.

'Autumn Sunset' -Healthy, cold hardy, great scent and apricot colour. Strong bush that can be used as a climber.

'Irish Eyes' -An Irish rose of great qualities. Grows into a neat and very well-branched bush. Fresh and glossy leaves that are completely healthy. Flowers shift colours, which adds to its charm. The flowers are rather small but held upright, unfortunately lacking scent. Continuous flowering.

'Jacques Cartier' -Great rose. Perfect to use. Sturdy, healthy, easy, scent.

'Midnight Blue' -Great colour but the flower does not last long and turns brown. Would not be a problem if it dropped off cleanly but it does not. Very neat bush. Imagine if colour rubs off on a loosely built flower similar to 'Distant Drums' or 'Just Joey'... Let's see what happens by crossing with
'Distant Drums', 'Therese Bugnet' and 'Wild Edric', as well as 'Jacques Cartier' and 'Acapella'.

'Golden Border' -Small, healthy bush which produces an enormous amount of flowers sitting closely together. The smallish flowers are ball-shaped and last very long.

Seed parent plant 1: 'Stanwell Perpetual' -A great rose bush with fantastic scent. Nice bluish leaves. Constantly in bloom, super healthy and cold hardy. Requires next to no attention. Grows quite wild and large. Flowers often spread along the canes in the bush, but also on top. Extremely cold hardy.

Seed parent plant 2: 'Therese Bugnet' -The best rose bush there is! Best leaves, best branching, best looking growth, best red stems that start growing very early in spring. This rose has elegance written all over it. Flowers are unfortunately not very long lasting, and the bush is not that free flowering. But there is scent and flowers are not too heavy. Flowers are partly hidden, partly on top of foliage.

Seed parent plant 3: 'Wild Edric' -Fresh apple green leaves that look very elegant. Grows nicely into a dense and elegant bush. The deep pink/cerise flowers are large and heavy, which make them nod. However, it has a great scent, flowers prolifically and is completely healthy. Very cold hardy and carefree.

All these wonders may produce my own fantastic creation. The idea is to fill a part of my future property with these new varieties to form the basis of a rose park. After that, I will think of something else for a while... :-) Oh, and colour, well, most look good anyway as long as they are not salmon or vermilion.
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