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Initial post 7 JAN 09 by CW
This was sold as Nicole by Edmunds, but as you can see the petal count is only 20-25. It is Hannah Gordon. But either way, this is a great rose. Growth is to 12 feet on thick stems (up to 2" diameter) and masses of flowers.
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Initial post 15 JUL 08 by Gagnon98
Hello, beautiful picture you have posted for Mme Isaac Pereier. I'm thinking of trying her out in my yard in Southern CT. Is she not bothered too much by blackspot in your warm humid climate of GA? Thanks.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 29 AUG 08 by CW
Thank you. Yes I love Mme Isaac Perriere. Here it seems to grow into a huge bush, Runners easily reach 10-12 feet. And YES it get blackspot. In fact it is one of my early sensors as to whether my spray program is effective. Most years, I do pretty well. Until I get lazy. My monthly pattern is to spray Banner Max(Honorguard) week 1, week 2 either Daconil or Triflorine, Week 3 is Compass, Week 4 is Neem oil. I add Pentathlon only when I see a breakout on Scarlet Meilland which is ususally the first to show by several days. But Mme Isaac will show next if I don't jump on it fast
Reply #2 of 2 posted 30 AUG 08 by Unregistered Guest
Well, by the looks of your pictures your spray routine works wonders to me. I'm a novice and just got into roses this year after buying my first house. Just about everything gets blackspot at my house, especially Abraham Darby, such gorgeous blooms, too bad it nearly defoliates completely. I don't know anything about these chemical sprays, all I know is what I buy at my Home Depot (usually Bayer products). But I hope some research and reading posts like yours will get me the info I need. Btw, I enjoyed reading your monthly diary entries.

Thanks -Jim
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Initial post 24 APR 08 by CW
Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month 7:30 pm at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
Visitors are always welcome!

Annual Rose Show is held Mothers Day weekend, also at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Gates open at 6:30 am, and entries are accepted until 9:30 am on the Saturday before Mothers Day. Show is open to the public free of charge as soon as the Judges finish and stays open through 5 pm on Mothers Day. CRs will be available to help during all times of the show.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 24 APR 08 by HMF Admin
We have linked your HMF registration to this listing so you can now add to and update it. I would start by posting these events to your listings "Event" tab as they will appear in our site's Calendar of Events section.
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Initial post 8 OCT 07 by CW
Hey Marc, post some photos! And a plant list would be nice too, Although I realize that may take some time
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