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Holly Hagy
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Initial post 7 DEC by Holly Hagy
Reminds me of cherry blossoms. Is good for foraged arrangements. I really like this rose.
It is invasive...makes a good fence.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 18 MAR by lbuzzell
Looks beautiful - thanks for the cutting. Looks more like a sport of Lady Gay to me than a sport of The Fairy. Anyone have more info on this? Lady Gay is a once bloomer and The Fairy repeats so if Lady Carolina is a once bloomer with no repeat that would clinch the ID?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 19 MAR by Rupert, Kim L.
Not necessarily. Many climbing sports of bush roses are once-flowering. Many of the old cl HTs were once flowering. There are once-flowering climbing sports of Mlle Cecile Brunner and the original climbing sport of Iceberg was once-flowering until a further mutation was found which flowered repeatedly. That one has pretty much replaced all the once-flowering Cl. Icebergs in commerce. Lady Carolina repeated at Limberlost Roses in Van Nuys, CA years ago. If the climate and conditions support it, it will repeat. If not, it likely won't. But whether it does or doesn't, once-flowering doesn't prove it's a sport of a once-flowering rose.
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Initial post 14 MAR by Holly Hagy
I have been growing THT since I bought the first one for sale at SCCHRG Silent Auction. She loves it at my house and is in near constant bloom. I have grown both Ellie B. And B. Henriette du Snoy and this is def. not either of them.
This is one of the best roses in my garden, along with Snowbird and Grandmothers Hat.
This is my favorite rose. I can not recommend it highly enough...however, I do live in a cooler Ventura. She loves the weather here.
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Initial post 28 FEB 15 by Holly Hagy
This rose is awesome. I have grown it now for approx. 19 or 20 years. I would like to note though, that in my garden here in Ventura, CA, I now have a cane on it that has reached over 10 ft in height and a 9 ft one coming up on it as well.
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Initial post 20 JAN 15 by Holly Hagy
Mine does get some repeat here in Ventura, CA. Not much but enough for a nice surprise. Also, this
rose likes to be big and spread out. It suckers easily.
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