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Simon Voorwinde
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Initial post 4 NOV 06 by lynfarn
'Jacqueline Nebout' s' synonym - 'City of Adelaide' was used to celebrate the first Rose Festival in Adelaide, South Australia.  It's parentage is unknown.
Reply #1 of 8 posted 29 JUL 11 by Simon Voorwinde
From the Australian PBR website:

Arose from the controlled pollination of 'Meidanu' x 'Meitulimon' [by 'Meihartfo']. Bred by Alain Meilland, SNC Meilland et Cie, Antibes, France."

Reply #2 of 8 posted 29 JUL 11 by HMF Admin
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Some of the information differs from our references so we'll need to research a bit.
Reply #3 of 8 posted 12 NOV by Robert Neil Rippetoe
It would be helpful to get parentage input and updated. Thanks, Robert
Reply #4 of 8 posted 13 NOV by Patricia Routley
Aha - a can of worms for breakfast. I don't know what Simon's words (by Meihartfo) means, and cannot get into the Australian PBR website. As far as I can see,

1965 Tamango MEIdanu (Alain x [Radar x Caprice]
1970 Kalinka MEIhartfor (Zambra x [Sarabande x Fashion]
1977 Manou Meilland MEItulimon [Baronne Edmond de Rothschild x BEdR] x [Ma Fille x Love Song]
1987 Jacqueline Nebout (Tamango x Manou Meilland)

Would that be correct?
Reply #5 of 8 posted 13 NOV by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Looks correct to me, unless I'm missing something. Thanks, Robert
Reply #6 of 8 posted 13 NOV by Patricia Routley
Grateful. Parentage added.
Reply #7 of 8 posted 13 NOV by Simon Voorwinde
Not my words. Copied and pasted directly from the word document linked to here: . More fully the excerpt looks like this:


'Meichoiju' synonym 'City of Adelaide'
Application No. 1992/107
Application Accepted 28 July 1992
Applicant: SNC Meilland et Cie,Antibes, France
Australian Agent:Ross Roses,Willunga, South Australia

A medium pink (RHS 52D) remontant flowering bush rose producing medium sized (av. 97.15mm) blooms bourne in clusters of 3-5 blooms per stem. Each semi-double bloom has 26-32 petals. The medium sized leaves (av. terminal leaflet length - 51.9mm) dark green and glossy on the upper side. Shape of terminal leaflet base obtuse and terminal leaflet in cross section is concave. Undulation of leaflet margin medium. Thorn shape catena on the upper side and concave on the lower side. Strong sepal length - mean 25.55mm. Mild petal reflexing present and petal undulation observed. Filament colour yellow, style colour red. Stigma located above the anther. 'Meichoiju' has medium sized pitcher shaped seed vessels.

Arose from the controlled pollination of 'Meidanu' x 'Meitulimon' [by 'Meihartfo']. Bred by Alain Meilland, SNC Meilland et Cie, Antibes, France.

Comparative Trial
The comparator is 'Kalinka'. The comparative test conducted at Willunga, South Australia 23 April 1993. Measurements from 20 specimens selected at random from 6-10 plants. Plants grown in open beds in clay loam soil.

Prior Applications And Sales
Country Year Status Name applied
France 1988 Granted 'Meichoiju'

'Meichioju' was first sold in France on 1st April 1988.

Description prepared by A. Kim Syrus, Melrose Park, South Australia."
Reply #8 of 8 posted 13 NOV by Patricia Routley
Thanks for that Simon.
(Odd that I couldn't get into the Australian patent on the iPad, but no problem on the computer.)
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Initial post 22 MAY 09 by Simon Voorwinde
Anyone know whether this rose sets OP hips?
Reply #1 of 4 posted 28 AUG 16 by Rita Granata
Simon, I'm now growing this rose (came as a gift). Will let you know if you are still interested. Rita
Reply #2 of 4 posted 29 AUG 16 by Simon Voorwinde
I removed it a long time ago, Rita. It was very disease prone.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 30 AUG 16 by Margaret Furness
Perhaps you should have threatened to hit it with a golfclub...
Reply #4 of 4 posted 28 OCT by Rita Granata
A year later and it has grown to 1.5m wide and only 50cm high. I am so loving it's free flowering and healthy foliage atm that I have ordered another 3 plants to grown as a base to the trees on the verge in the hope that cars will stop driving on it and compacting the tree roots. Will upload photo so you can see it as of today. This plant was grown from a cutting by Marilyn Thomas, a member of our HRiA group in the Illawarra/South Coast/Sth Highlands group. On the negative side. I have seen it ball in heavy rain, but what rose doesn't!
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Initial post 27 JAN 16 by Simon Voorwinde
Sets hips. Pollen released freely and in good amounts. Needs a mildew resistant partner as it has more mildew than rose.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 19 APR by Plazbo
It sounds like we had similar experiences with mildew and this rose, after a few months the mildew disappeared for me. Given you made the comment over a year ago have you experienced similar with the mildew disappearing or did it return?
Reply #2 of 4 posted 27 APR by Simon Voorwinde
It cleared up once in the ground where it could get a more reliable source of water.Black spot is now the major issue. It completely defoliates. Seedlings from it also mildewed badly.. with no real excuse. Carefree Beauty x Calypso mildewed badly despite never fully drying out.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 28 APR by Plazbo
Woo! Something to look forward to! It hasnt had blackspot for me but I rarely get even a little bit of it (and even then it was on ebb tide which is apparently resistant so who knows).I do have a bunch of seedlings of it that are a few months, no mildew yet but given how bad it was I think it's just a matter of time.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 25 OCT by Plazbo
So I planted a lot of the op seeds from it and can see what you mean about it's seedlings being mildewed.

Pretty good germination rates but a lot look terrible being all powdery white/dying. There are a few that have flowered (but not of the plants look healthy) with decent first blooms but the mildew.... Crossing it with some rugosa and have a pod with golden cheronese and a few with r.glauca that look good so far...obviously going to require a bit of work. If it weren't for the mildew the plant would be pretty decent.
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Initial post 22 APR 12 by Simon Voorwinde
Apparently the name 'Golden Chersonese' is derived from 'Chersonesus Aurea', an ancient Greek (150AD) name for the Malay Peninsula where plentiful gold was to be found.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 29 SEP by Plazbo
Hi Simon,

Given the possible difference between Australia and others, can you shed any light on the following:

How big are the flowers?
Is it strongly fragrant like listed?

I got the plant this year (bare root) around the end of july, it may have been the unusually warm temps but it went in to bloom a few weeks ago, the plant is basically the same size it was when it arrived, it just has a bunch of leaves that may be affecting things quite a lot compared to a plant that's had more time to settle in but given the once flowering habit may have to wait a year to confirm for myself.
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