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Paul G. Olsen
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Initial post 25 AUG 16 by Michael Garhart
lol, this name makes me so sad!

Looks like Scarlet Meidiland has been good in a lot of hybrids! I am loving Ruby Meidiland a lot in the garden.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 26 AUG 16 by Nastarana
I love the foliage in these pictures.

How is disease resistance?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 10 SEP 16 by Paul G. Olsen
Disease resistance seems to be very good. However, this cultivar appears to lack cold hardiness in a Zone 3 climate, which one would expect from its genetics. It's not as cold hardy, for example, as 'Campfire'.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 27 MAR by Fadi
I live in Ottawa zone 5b
I planted Never Alone in September 2016. In November , it was black spotted badly.
I checked today (27th March) my rose. There are many canes dieback despite being covered with several feet of snow during the winter. The good thing is i can see new thin green canes emerging from the ground. it seems that this rose is not cane hardy here in zone 5
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Initial post 12 FEB by Paul G. Olsen
The full name of the originator of this rose is Karl Ludwig Johannes Schaum. Born January 21/1868 in Langenhennersdorf, Germany. Died January 30/1928. His wife, Cornelia van Tol, came from a family having a nurserymen tradition. Cornelia's father, Andries van Tol, was likely Karl's partner in the Schaum & van Tol nursery business.
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Initial post 12 FEB by Paul G. Olsen
Parentage reputedly is Rosa rugosa x R. davurica.
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Initial post 6 NOV 15 by Byrnes, Robert L.
Is this rose available in or with delivery to the US?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 28 JAN by Paul G. Olsen
Palatine Roses keeps a stock plant of 'Rosy Vision' and may list it in the future. This nursery ships to the U.S., as many American rosarians know.

It'S a good rose and should be grown much more than it is.

This rose cultivar has been growing successfully at the Devonian Botanic Garden (Zone 3) for many years. It's a plant I donated to its rose garden in 2008.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 6 FEB by Byrnes, Robert L.
Thank you Paul. I look forward to when Palantine has it available to offer to the public.
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