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Eugene V.
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Initial post 9 DEC 14 by Jeffrey
Great shots!

Has Honora Hit grown well for you? Do you have any recent photos, and does this rose set hips?

I have a green rose I grew from a seed. It's an amazing color, but the blooms are so laden with petals that they don't open well. I want to use Honora Hit as a seed or pollen parent so i can reduce the number of petals, and maybe help the quality of bloom.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 9 DEC 14 by Eugene V.
Dear Jeffrey,
In our region as the outdoor rose Honora Hit proves unsatisfactorily. (Much more well the rose as a indoor plant behaves.) Flower petals extremely gentle and easily spoil from a rain. After grafting the rose showed quite satisfactory winter hardiness (traditionally in our district in the winter of a rose cover with material from polypropylene fiber). However the size bushes practically the same, as at an own-root plant.
I didn't observe hips on a rose. In our district usually don't leave a branch with hips as hip grow ripe rather seldom – even, for example, at hand pollination of the floribunda roses budded on a stems. It happens only during seasons to rather warm weather.
Petals at a rose open badly, so if it is possible, probable to use pollen better.
I will try to look next summer that happens to flowers after blossoming, and to photograph result.
All kind.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 9 DEC 14 by Jeffrey
Thank-you for your reply!

I suspected that the petals might spoil in the rain. Other photos showed a red blush and water spots that I don't find attractive. I'll give the rose a try here in my San Francisco garden. Our winters are very mild, so i don't have a hardiness problem.
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Initial post 14 NOV 12 by mehring
Camelot has received also a RNRS Trial Ground Certificate in 2012.
It is now also available in the UK and most European Countries
Reply #1 of 2 posted 20 JAN 13 by Eugene V.
And also ADR-2012.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 1 NOV 14 by turbobb
Gold medal Baden Baden 2012 and gold medal Barcelona 2013
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Initial post 7 APR 14 by Eugene V.
Rose Listing Omission

Classic Star

Pink blend Mini-Flora, Mini-Flora Star Roses Collection
Bred by Satter Roses Breeding BV (Netherlands, after 2005),
Pink, rosette-shaped flowers. As the blooms age, they turn light pink, finally fading to yellow-green with light pink outer petals. None fragrance. 40-50 petals. Average diameter 3.5", borne mostly solitary. The foliage is dark green and the growth almost thornless.
Height of 16" to 2' (40 to 60 cm)
Star Roses nursery.
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Initial post 6 FEB 14 by Eugene V.
Beautiful photo. .
Is this a popular "pimpinellifolia 'plena'" rose? This is one of my favorite roses.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 FEB 14 by Margarita
Thank you! Yes, it is ...
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