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Initial post 1 OCT 08 by Dave and Deb Boyd
Is Fubar an Irish term? The acronym we used in the Corps is not a name I expected to see on a rose. Interesting.

Reply #1 of 2 posted 1 OCT 08 by Margaret Furness
The acronym is international. Used in Australia for geological specimens, eg fubarite. Cf leverite (as in "leave her right where she is"). "The rare fossil you've collected with your geologist's hammer is fubarite; the one still in situ is leverite."
Reply #2 of 2 posted 23 JAN by Rupert, Kim L.
I'm a bit late to the party here, but in the US, it means a much less couth version of " 'fouled up' beyond all recognition".
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Initial post 17 JAN 07 by Dave and Deb Boyd
Don't know why I don't like Christian Dior more than I do. CD has been a very good rose in our yard and I tend to take it for granted. We got him in 1997 and he performs nicely every year. Reckon I just want my reds to be fragrant. Christian Dior gives us 25 - 40 blooms per flush and turnaround time is average, 6 weeks. Fragrance is mild and blooms open slowly. Deb uses them a lot in bouquets. Gotta admit they look good for over a week.

Christian Dior isn't cane hardy but takes winter well. Spring growth starts late and is steady though not spectacular. CD definitely likes it when the weather gets warm. Spring flushes are alright but flushes in the fall can be impressive. He gets 6 - 7 feet tall x 4 feet wide. The lower 4 feet look pretty full but the top can look lanky. That portion of the bush is usually longstemmed blooms so it isn't too bad. Blackspot is not a problem here. Christian Dior will show some powdery mildew if conditions are perfect. Good rose if you don't mind reds with just a little fragrance.

South central Montana - zone 4/5
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 FEB 17 by Alexday
Beautiful beautiful Rose
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Initial post 10 DEC 06 by Dave and Deb Boyd

First Edition is one of our 'no problem' bloom factories. I am surprised I don't hear more about it. First Edition isn't cane hardy here and starts each season 6 inches to a foot tall. FE shoots up to 3 feet tall for the first flush and doesn't get any taller during the season. It does get wider. Our 7 year old bush crowds its neighbors by the end of the season and is at least 5 feet in diameter. I quit trying to count blooms on the rascal in 2001 and just say it has well over 100 per flush. Turnaround time is good, about 5 weeks. Fragrance is moderate. It seems more fragrant with all those blooms but when we get a single flower away from the bush, FE isn't a stinker. Bloom color looks very different as the light changes on them. Makes for interesting photos.

We watch the foliage on all our roses each year and decide who has the best. First Edition is always in the top 3. FE may be conspiring to get rid of Kordes' Perfecta so it can win one year. Blackspot isn't a problem here. Powdery mildew can be a problem and we have never seen a hint of it on FE. I even take photos of the bush without blooms.

First Edition is so dependable I tend to take it for granted. Only complaint is that it blooms so much that deadheading can be chore. I like a rose with that as its only fault. Some of what I consider my best photos are of First Edition with its neighbor, Helmut Schmidt. Mom liked the photo on one calendar so much she had me make up a calendar with FE and HS photos on every page. Deb took out an iris bed this fall so she can plant 3 FEs alternating with 3 Icebergs. She has been talking about doing that for several years. I told her she would have to deadhead them. Excellent rose


South central Montana - zone 4/5

Reply #1 of 6 posted 3 MAR 09 by Jeff Britt
Well, I'm sold! Great comments and very helpful culture information. I always enjoy reading your comments here. They're entertaining, enlightening and full of enthusiasm for roses. They keep motivated to be a better grower. Thanks!
Reply #2 of 6 posted 4 MAR 09 by Dave and Deb Boyd
Thank you very much Jeff. Perfect timing too. I sometimes wonder if I am wasting my time commenting on how roses perform for Deb and I. We have actually been told we are doing the rose public a disservice by describing tender roses grown in Montana. We spend a LOT of time tending them and roses seem to love the area. Complainers point out that few if any will spend the time we do caring for roses and we are in such a remote spot that rose performance here will lead others to make a mistake. Staying motivated to post comments is sometimes a chore. I started to review Livin' Easy yesterday and thought 'what is the use?'. A reply like yours reminds me what. Please excuse the rambling. Thanks again.

Dave - wishing I had saved the start I made on Livin' Easy
Reply #3 of 6 posted 4 MAR 09 by HMF Admin
As Jeff has pointed out in the past. Experience isn't beginner or expert; good or bad; right or wrong; it's just plain experience that we all can learn from.

No one should be discouraged from sharing their experience. Those new to gardening often think their experience is of little interest to others and that is completely false. Many, many other beginning gardeners greatly appreciate and can best relate to the experiences of people like themselves.
Reply #4 of 6 posted 4 MAR 09 by Dave and Deb Boyd
I agree! I have been growing roses over 45 years and wish new growers knew how interested I am to read how roses do for them, especially ones we grow too. I hope they realize that performance for them does not have to equal ours. I like reading how they do in other areas too.
Perhaps I take things differently than most. I see comments that Kordes' Perfecta is a terrible rose. It makes me feel lucky that it is such a glorious rose in this area. It doesn't make me think another grower is flaming one of our best roses. By the same token, I've seen great photos and reports about Europeana, King's Ransom etc that put our bushes to shame. They just never get a long or warm enough season to show what they can do here. The pics of those 2 make us keep them around just in case.
I do hope more growers start posting how roses do for them.


Edit: to get this back to First Edition... I have heard from a couple growers in the southeast that FE is a very good rose for them. They have thanked me for bringing it to their attention. FE gets some blackspot but not as bad as many.
Reply #5 of 6 posted 27 FEB 15 by raingreen
All of your comments have been a huge help to me Dave. Keep up the good work!!!!! Nate
Reply #6 of 6 posted 31 MAR 16 by babywantsbling
I just planted this rose. I loved it the minute I got it. It is grafted on Fortuniana, so I am wondering how large it will get in my Zone 9b Florida. Any idea? Love your photos and description.
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Initial post 31 JAN 14 by RGunter
I sent you a couple of PM, but I wanted to give the perspective of how my quest started:

My name is Roger Gunter, I am the president of the parents booster club for the Air Force Academy lacrosse program. My son is a junior, his head coach was involved in a car accident with his wife and two little girls, the accident should have never happened as they should have been on a lacrosse trip but due to the government shutdown, events like this were canceled. The accident resulted in her death, her name was Sonia and she was named after the rose. A General, close to the program, witnessed on the day of the memorial service that a single rose was still blooming outside the church. He got the idea to honor Sonia with a sticker of the Sonia rose that the boys would wear on their helmets. In searching for the Sonia rose I came across your picture, photo id 52251, and felt is was the best representation of a lasting tribute, not only because of the quality but also because it has her name next to the rose. The stickers need to round so they will stay on and the picture will need a little photo shopping in order for that to occur and keep the name visible. I am asking your permission to use the photo for this purpose. The sticker would only be available to active lacrosse players while they play for the Air Force Falcons Lacrosse program.


Roger Gunter
PS any of the following pictures in High Res would work, order based on preference 127887, 40741, 93618, 52251
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