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Photos photo courtesy of Jack L
Jan 1 2010
3 favorite votes.  
Q photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Patricia Routley
Patricia's pruning shirt
1 favorite vote.  
Cloth of Gold photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Margaret Furness
Summer, South Australia, in a derelict garden accessible to cattle. The trunks are the two pieces of wood nearest the camera. It can't have been watered in at least 50 years. Zone 9, average rainfall about 28" / 700ml, but subject to El Nino drought cycles. Flowers prolifically in spring, with some blooms most of the year.
1 favorite vote.  
Schoener's Nutkana photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Cass
Comparison of Schoener's Nutkana leaf to Rosa nutkana leaf.
1 favorite vote.  
Harbor Rose Garden photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Harbor Rose Garden
polyantha border, June 2013 garden near Puget Sound, WA
2 favorite votes.  
Triomphe de l'Exposition photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Mirek (Mirinda)
2.6.2011, Czech Republic
7 favorite votes.  
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