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Photos photo courtesy of Jack L
Jan 1 2010
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Duchesse de Rohan photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Donald's Roses Garden
De beaux boutons foliacés annoncent une rose ancienne très attachante : peu diffusée en France, cette variété cumule pourtant beaucoup de qualités.
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Photos photo courtesy of Andrew from Dolton
The rose grew from a few weak rooted stems to 1.5M high. My garden, 9/6/18.
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Echo Ridge photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Margaret Furness
Mid-late spring in the yellow-and-mauve quadrant of the ring garden. Cl Lady Hillingdon, with Leptospermum rotundifolium 'Jervis Bay form', which lasts well as a cut flower but alas has a slight smell of mice.
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Anna photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Barden, Paul
This photo of the cut flower variety 'Anna' was made using the 1850s photo process called Wet Plate Collodion, a process that requires pouring a hand-made emulsion on glass which is then made light sensitive by immersion in silver nitrate. The process has to be completed in about 10 minutes or less, before the plate dries out.
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Gros Choux d'Hollande photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of orsola
Mottisfont Abbey Rose Gardens, England 25 May 2014
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Baronne Prévost photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of lana.alpatova
5 favorite votes.  
Harbor Rose Garden photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Harbor Rose Garden
polyantha border, June 2013 garden near Puget Sound, WA
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Cloth of Gold photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Margaret Furness
Summer, South Australia, in a derelict garden accessible to cattle. The trunks are the two pieces of wood nearest the camera. It can't have been watered in at least 50 years. Zone 9, average rainfall about 28" / 700ml, but subject to El Nino drought cycles. Flowers prolifically in spring, with some blooms most of the year.
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My Garden photos photo
Photos photo courtesy of Margarita
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