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Linda Perry
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Initial post 13 JUN by Linda Perry
Ooops! Looks like Sangerhausen has mixed up Emmie and Emily Gray.
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Available from - Rogue Valley Roses (still, as of yet)
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Initial post 14 MAY by Linda Perry
I'm sitting beside a vase with a single bloom from a 2nd year plant of Marchioness of Lorne and practically swooning from the fragrance. I received it as a small band last April and the first blooms in the fall were equally strongly fragrant. I live near the ocean, in northern California where the humidity runs between 70% and 100%, and the temperatures seldom rise above the 60's (F), so can't comment on what effect dryer, warmer air would have. Also, this rose seems quite happy with Zone 9b. Can't imagine why it wouldn't go higher than that, but I believe the Description zone rating could very safely go up to 9b.

Thank you, all HMF'rs!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 14 MAY by jedmar
The climate zone info was definitely an error - we have corrected it. Thank you for the thumbs up!
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Initial post 3 MAY by Linda Perry
Very useful photo, thank you for posting! So helpful to see the two bushes with the description of their different circumstances.

And thank you for sharing all the photos of your beautiful garden!
Linda, from Fort Bragg, California
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 MAY by Mari J.A.
I'm glad it was helpful!
And thank you for the kind compliments!
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