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Initial post 24 MAR by 16-Eichen-Rosenschätze
Voice of Thousands
Breeder Colin Horner

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Initial post 23 MAR by 16-Eichen-Rosenschätze
Once established it repeats reliably.
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Initial post 26 JAN 10 by Rosaholic's Southern California Garden
It looks to me like "they" (Star/Meilland) are selling two different roses under the name "Julio Iglesias." In the U.S. it is definitely a hot pink and white stripe. From the pics posted here, however, it looks like the Europe/Russia version is a red and white stripe. I do notice that there are 2 different code names for it also. Anybody know why?
Reply #1 of 10 posted 10 APR 11 by Michael Garhart
Yeah, mine is pastel too.
Reply #2 of 10 posted 4 MAR by 16-Eichen-Rosenschätze
By the way, Russia is a part of Europe. The slash makes no sence.
Reply #3 of 10 posted 4 MAR by Michael Garhart
It's continentally primarily Asian, with a continental minority in Europe.

But mostly because it's not typical for one to think of Russian when European is stated. At least from a North American point of reference. Which is to say, "That large chunk of geography of Northern Asia."

Meaning, we could say Hawaii is in Oceania, and it technically is, but we still call it North America, and more specifically, American.
Reply #4 of 10 posted 4 MAR by 16-Eichen-Rosenschätze
The clue is that Europe is actually just a subcontinent, forming Eurasia together with Asia. Form the cultural point of view, moreover, there is no doubt that Russia belongs to Europe. Russian and other slavic languages are close relatives to the germanic languages. English has lost nearly all syntactic features of indo-european languages over the last 500 years, so that it might be that English speakers are unable to perceive that any longer.

I was very surprised that Anglo-american anti-Russian bias even applies to roses. What is the idea behind contrived separating of neighbors with a common history from each other? What is the point to offer an affront to either Russians or other Europeans? I am German and I felt the original phrasing to be an agressive and unnecessary discrimination.
Reply #5 of 10 posted 4 MAR by Michael Garhart
You said the slash makes no sense, and I just told you why it was included. I am not sure what else you want.

Don't politicize my words, please. I'm not interested in contrarian discussion, nor do I enjoy that type of discussion.

Please do not place me in such discussions in the future.
Reply #6 of 10 posted 4 MAR by 16-Eichen-Rosenschätze
I did not start. But there is really no point to continue, I agree.
Reply #7 of 10 posted 4 MAR by Michael Garhart
My words were not politicized to begin with. I was describing areas of land where certain logistics frequent. I could have made it broader or more narrow if I could read more languages and had ready access to catalogs for every area. But that is not something I can do byself. If more people over the world would volunteer here, that would help give broader knowledge to more places for roses.

Since you wish to still politicize my words, I will have no choice but to make my words not visible for you. I'm here for roses -- not politics and mis-conceived hypotheticals of politics.
Reply #8 of 10 posted 4 MAR by Rosaholic's Southern California Garden
That was my comment, originally made January 25, 2010. If you look at the pictures of this rose in the HMF photos section just preceding that date, you will see Portugal and Moscow as the locations where the photos were taken of this rose that show the red/white version of this "Julio Iglesias" rose. All I ever meant by "Europe/Russia" was to include all of that land area within what appeared to be the distribution area of the red/white version of this rose, while the US-sourced photos had, apparently, a different version -- a pink/white rose with a different codename -- but bearing the same common name, Julio Iglesias. There was no politics whatsoever in the comment I made way back then. I was just trying to show that there were apparently two different roses under distribution in two separate geographic areas under the same name. And I think that is the point of HMF -- to educate on roses, not politics.
Reply #9 of 10 posted 4 MAR by Michael Garhart
Sorry. You're right. I was replying to the email it sends, and thought it was mine.
Reply #10 of 10 posted 4 MAR by Andrew from Dolton
Commercially, politically and geographically can be different things in Europe. Geographically some of Russia is in Europe and some of it in Asia. What was written by Rosaholic was not in the least offensive.
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Rose Listing Omission


Carminia (VISpablue)
Martin Vissers introduced by Jan Spek Rozen in 2017
We have a number of plants and the labels.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 2 MAR by Patricia Routley
What colour? What class? I cannot find anything about this rose.
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