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Charles Quest-Ritson
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Initial post 25 MAY by Charles Quest-Ritson
Wrong colour. I'll upload a correct picture.
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Initial post 6 MAR by Charles Quest-Ritson
Would it be possible, please, for one of the HMF bigwigs to go through the Welt-der-Rosen website and ensure that all roses that it lists are represented on HMF?

And, if possible, it would be helpful to know the contact details of the HMF person to whom I should suggest other roses be added to the database.
Reply #1 of 5 posted 6 MAR by Margaret Furness
I hear that the hmf volunteers are few in number and overstretched. It would be preferable for you to suggest to the nursery that they establish and maintain their plant list on hmf.
Anyone can add new roses to hmf, via Rose listing omission, but I gather it makes it easier for the volunteers if descriptions, breeder codes and photos are supplied.
Best wishes.
Reply #2 of 5 posted 7 MAR by Patricia Routley
Thank you Margaret. Well said.
Reply #3 of 5 posted 7 MAR by Charles Quest-Ritson
Thank you - that's helpful, at least for nurseries. But what nurseries that no longer exist? And sites like Welt der Rosen that are maintained by knowledgeable individuals? And roses raised by amateurs that find their way into commerce? I suggest that HMF should consider where the weaknesses in its coverage are most conspicuous and try to priorise the options for action.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 7 MAR by Margaret Furness
Roses can be added via the Missing Plant option, under Plants on the left-hand menu of the main screen.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 9 MAR by Patricia Routley
.....But what nurseries that no longer exist?

That is one other way you could help, Charles. We could add a listing for something like
Joe Bloggs Nursery – 1930 Historic Archive

We could then link you with this Nursery file and you could either
Add their roses, one by one.
Or add their roses in one typed listing . There are more instructions for adding a listing here:
See the white box, somewhere near the top-right HOW DO I
PhotoDiscussion id : 107-555
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Initial post 24 JAN by Charles Quest-Ritson
I have today uploaded three pictures of this cultivar - one that was published in the RNRS Annual at the time of its introduction and two that I photographed some years ago at Sangerhausen. They all show rather a different rose from the picture uploaded by Anonymous-164. Please note, in particular, that flower is single, whereas Anonymous-164's rose appears to be semi double or fully double. I would tentatively suggest that it might be appropriate to remove Anonymous-164's picture from the site.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 24 JAN by Patricia Routley
That photo of 'Stargazer' had a very early number, 593, so it was likely that it was uploaded around 1997 and it seems unlikely that the Anonymous-164 photographer will remove it himself. Photo removed. Thanks Charles.
PhotoDiscussion id : 107-544
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Initial post 22 JAN by Charles Quest-Ritson
I have uploaded a picture of this cultivar that was published in UK in 1962. It is rather different from the picture uploaded by AmiRoses. Please note, in particular, the shape of the petals and the contrast between their pale pink upper sides and darker pink undersides. I would tentatively suggest that it might be appropriate to remove AmiRoses's picture from the site.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 22 JAN by HMF Admin
Yes, the photos are unquestionably of different roses; we will need to confer with AmiRoses.

Meanwhile the photo is tagged as potentially inaccurate. Unfortunately, this notice is only visible when one views the full size image. We will add an enhancement to note conflicts of this nature on the thumbnail image and also refrain from featuring the photo on the rose's main page.

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your photo as well as alert us to this misrepresentation.

HelpMeFind greatly (!) appreciates and relies on the HMF community to continually improve the accuracy and integrity of its database.
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