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Charles Quest-Ritson
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Initial post 21 NOV by Charles Quest-Ritson
Introduced in 2013, according to Ferrer's website
Reply #1 of 1 posted 21 NOV by HMF Admin
Corrected, thank you
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Initial post 6 OCT by Charles Quest-Ritson
I think this is a picture of the climbing form and should perhaps be transferred to that cv by one of HMF's editors. Likewise the other picture taken by the same member.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 7 OCT by HMF Admin
Yes, thank you. We will make this correction as soon as we resolve a software problem with this feature. We are looking into the problem now.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 7 OCT by HMF Admin
These photos have been reassigned. Thank you for taking the time to alert us to this error.
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Initial post 29 SEP by Charles Quest-Ritson
There seems to be some confusion among the photographs uploaded to illustrate Cannes Festival [Meilland, 1951] and Cannes Festival 83 [Meilland, 1983]. The older cv is yellow; the more recent one is amber or peach-coloured. Is there an editor at HMF who has the power to transfer pictures between the two, so that each is correctly illustrated for the future?
Reply #1 of 4 posted 29 SEP by Patricia Routley
I can do that Charles, if you tell me exactly which photo is which. I have neither rose so would need some help here.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 4 OCT by Charles Quest-Ritson
Sorry, Patricia, I didn't see your reply. The 1950 cv is yellow; the 1983 cv is more apricot.

This is not the first time that I've come across pictures on HMF that are wrongly named. Please can I refer them to you for correction in future?
Reply #3 of 4 posted 4 OCT by Patricia Routley
Charles, any replies to comments automatically generate a HelpMeFind email notification that someone has replied. If you didn't see my reply, you are not reading your email.
I did ask for exact instructions as to which photo was incorrect. Repeating your statement "The 1950 cv is yellow; the 1983 cv is more apricot." is not really exact.

'Cannes Festival' 1951.
I presume you mean only David Elliott's photos are correct, and all others are the 1983 rose? (Cybe Rose's 1953 photo is not yellow!)

'Cannes Festival' 1983
I presume you mean yours and vale denis are correct, and Davide Dalla Libera's are the 1951 rose?
Reply #4 of 4 posted 5 OCT by Charles Quest-Ritson
Yes, Patricia, you are quite right - 1950 cv is yellow; the 1983 cv is more apricot. But I did not get an e-mail notification for either of your e-mails - nor one from Behcet Ciragan that he sent the same day. Do I need to do something to my HMF registration to receive notifications in future? Charles

PS How lucky you are to be sailing into springtime roses just as Europe sinks into autumn. Sometimes I think I should spend 6 months in each hemisphere! CQ-R
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Initial post 29 SEP by Charles Quest-Ritson
There are quite a number of European cultivars that have not yet found their way onto the HMF database. I would like to be able to upload details of them as when I come across them. How do I do so?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 30 SEP by jedmar
The way the Website has been working up to now is that
- breeders receive admin rights to upload their own cultivars
- other missing roses are reported to the admins with at least a reference (to minimize errors) and these create the entries.
If we are talking about hundreds of missing roses, it would mean you would also have to become an admin.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 4 OCT by Charles Quest-Ritson
Sorry, Behcet, I did not see your reply. The system will not work [1] if a breeder decides not to upload details of his/her cultivars. One could start with Huber at Dottikon. [2] if the breeder is dead (Robinson in UK, for example) [3] if your administrators do not search actively to identify missing cultivars (z.B. Welt der Rosen website). What would be my responsibilities and liabilities as an administrator?
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