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Robert Neil Rippetoe
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Initial post 21 JAN 13 by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Parentage listed per Certified Roses.

Summer Wine x [(Tigris x Baby Love) x Scrivbell]
Reply #1 of 11 posted 21 JAN 13 by Lyn G
Thank you !

Reply #2 of 11 posted 31 MAR 14 by Michael Garhart
Did you get yours yet? I put mine is a massive ceramic pot. I hope it trails down and keeps the same habit I saw in the test gardens...
Reply #3 of 11 posted 15 NOV 14 by Robert Neil Rippetoe
HI Michael, yes, I got it, and it's already nearly gotten me a number of times.

The prickles are vicious.

As you've mentioned, it's a recumbent grower and gets quite wide, much wider than stated.

It limped through the Summer but now it's going crazy with the cooler weather.

The foliage is beautiful.
Reply #4 of 11 posted 16 NOV 14 by Michael Garhart
Mine set like 30 hips. Its an insane seed parent! Its cup of hips is actually next in line for shelling and planting.

It had perfect health, non-stop blooms. I love this rose. The growth habit is weird. I cannot describe it well at all, lol.

It is to be expected than most things from Summer Wine have crazy thorns, lol. Its the difficult part about most Kordesii types. Sometimes Baby Love smooths things out, but not this time.
Reply #5 of 11 posted 16 NOV 14 by Robert Neil Rippetoe
I noted the hips. I'll be curious to hear how the seed germinates. I know how I will use it if I decide to play with it.

I'm not crazy about the growth habit. It's eats up a lot of space and at a height where it can catch your ankles as you walk by.

I've heard health is exemplary.
Reply #6 of 11 posted 16 NOV 14 by Michael Garhart

I know I used a lot of First Light pollen. Yes, I'm crazy. And the pollen was fertile, like I figured it would be. I know I used dreaming Spires. I cannot recall what else I had used. Its the only persica I own. I typically do not like them, but I loved this rose. I do not specifically care about the red eye or not, but I have noted new colors in persica types, especially the mauve, pink, and apricot tones blending. I like that. Foetida brought in new, unexpected color types, and I think persica is doing this, too.
Reply #7 of 11 posted 19 NOV 14 by Rupert, Kim L.
This hated the heat here this summer. As soon as it settled in and remained HOT, the foliage all yellowed and eventually fell. The plant remained bare until cooler temps arrived. It appeared it wanted to be summer dormant, no matter how much water I provided. It went home to Santa Barbara this week with a friend. Hopefully, it will like her conditions better. I had high hopes for it. Unfortunately, it didn't share them.
Reply #8 of 11 posted 19 NOV 14 by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Kim, I had mine in shade all Summer and it limped along but did not defoliate.

Next season will tell the tale for me.

'Summerwine' hated it here and this one may follow suit.
Reply #9 of 11 posted 19 NOV 14 by Rupert, Kim L.
Ironically, neither Eyes for You nor Blue for You (nor any of their seedlings) had foliage issues as Eyes on Me did. I used it for some crosses. It may be fortunate that a squirrel got many of them before I did, but there are a few seeds from it left. The foliage was quite pretty. I wasn't all that impressed by the blooms.
Reply #10 of 11 posted 26 NOV 14 by Michael Garhart
I just removed this rose from its 4.5' T x 2.5'W ceramic pot, and in one year, it set out a tap root through the bottom and 2' into the ground. LOL!

I put it into the ground, as I am only going to ever do geraniums, lilies, and petunias in pots from now on, as they are heat lovers.

With all of that known, this rose might be best own-root. This grafted plant is quite vigorous.
Reply #11 of 11 posted 13 days ago by Plazbo
(Sydney Australia here, so 100F+ heat waves a lot of summer here)

Mine hasn't been phased by the heat, remained leafy, bloomed, etc. I got it bare root around august 17, the one branch from the bud union (pretty much everything in Australia is grafted) was dead and I didn't think the plant would make it as nothing happened for months, every other new plant was growing, this remained dead looking until around november then it exploded and grew through a few heat waves without any issue, it didn't get sad look like a lot of moderns do....possibly the rootstock used is the difference in experiences between us?
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Initial post 14 days ago by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Lovely Joseph!

Best wishes, Robert
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Initial post 19 MAR by mmanners
So far we've only grown this as a potted plant in the greenhouse, so no garden experience. But already noticeable is its apparent resistance to powdery mildew -- plants surrounding it are showing mildew, and there's none on this plants.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 19 MAR by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Congrats Malcolm.

It's lovely.

Best wishes, Robert
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Initial post 4 JUN 14 by timdufelmeier
Excellent smell, size and petal count already on a small own root potted plant (that is less than a year old) from Heirloom. Has tripled its size rapidly; listed as a HT and Shrub in the Heirloom catalog.
Have high hopes for this one.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 4 JUN 14 by Robert Neil Rippetoe
I love this rose but in my climate without high culture, and on it's own roots, it lacked as much vigor as I'd like and didn't repeat as well as some. I think it might be better budded but I never tried it to be sure.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 4 JUN 14 by timdufelmeier
I was gone for the month of May, but I fed it (magum rose food) right before I left, with orders to water heavily. That 100 degree May heat wave + the food and WATER must have kicked in. Amazing G sent up 3 canes, 3x bigger than the original mail order plant. The few flowers on the little plant before I left were huge and VERY fragrant. Pretty unusual to get good fragrance (& size) on a runt own root one gallon.
I am hoping its shrub category emerges. And supposedly thornless!!!!!
Fredric Mistral own root is bustin out all over it's own root 2 gallon pot as well . Do u have it. I assert that the French Romaticas perform in LA better than the Austins or the English Legends: Peter Mayle, Yves Piaget, Marco Polo and Caruso are all work horses with better cutting stems. I hear great things about FMistral as well.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 4 JUN 14 by Robert Neil Rippetoe
I've heard good things about 'Frederic Mistral'. All in all my luck with Romanticas has been mixed but then it's been mixed period.

My roses make do with a third of the water they used to get and it makes a huge difference.

I'm sorry to say 'Amazing Grace' had thorns for me. If you get a smooth one I'd love to hear about it.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 16 MAR by Lavenderlace
All seven of mine definitely have thorns also.
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