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26 FEB
Because of the weather, I'm a bit reluctant to get the roseseeds out of the fridge and sow them. In fact that is nonsense because I sow them inside the house in a cool room.
22 FEB
Frost is predicted for the oncoming 14 days down to minus 10°C. With no snow-cover + lots of sunshine it's a fatal combination for the roses, that already sprouted. That was the case in 2012 and quite a few roses died... or almost died. Of the latter a lot never recovered and died too in the 5 years after.
Will cover the pots with the this-year's rootstock and budgrafts a bit more with the spared oak-leaves... and hope for the best.
The fruit-trees were already prepared for this kind of circumstances.
28 JAN
Today, I have been "sowing" Lava-grains and Lava-meal.
See, if I can cause with that a "volcanic eruption of flowers" the oncoming season.

The birds sing, that Spring is coming soon, or at hand.
Very high temps in January and already had some records broken.
I'm still expecting some frost-days or a -period in February-March.

Apricot Queen from Interplant is flowering, just like Nahéma, Sutter's Gold Cl. and one of my Westerland OP seedlings.
From other roses the buds are sprouting already.
My hands are "itching", to start pruning the roses. But at first it's the fruit-trees' turn.
24 JAN
A new start from scratch.
Maybe the old-one will survive and send some canes upwards. A 2.5 inch cane of 60 cm still present, but completely pressed (in)to the soil.
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