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Texas, United States
My garden has a mixture of modern and antique roses. I also include daylilies (my other big obsession), iris, salvias and little bits of this and that. I am definitely a laid back person, and my garden practices show that. I don't run around fussing over everything and plants really need to be able to defend themselves against the heat, lovely 100% humidity, chili thrips, blackspot, tropical systems (including hurricanes), my pitbull Charlie who bulldozes through the garden on the regular with his pal Winnie, and our newest addition and terror of the garden, puppy Fiona.

We live in the Houston, TX area (La Porte) and my garden is located within walking distance from the bay. Our climate is humid sub-tropical with an extremely long growing season of about 300 or more days and an average of 50 inches of rain per year. Average temps in January range from 40 to 60, while during "Summer" we have six months or more of days above 80 degrees (80 is usually the low temp during June, July, August and September). Our soil is clay gumbo and grows some REALLY big roses.

I have very little shade in my yard- sun from dawn till dusk. Performing best are generally the antiques, teas and chinas in particular. They bloom through the winter and sleep during the heat of summer for the most part, though Rock Hill Peach Tea and Trinity don't miss a beat. I don't care if blooms shrink during the summer, or if the plants get ragged in August, I just want them to survive.

Fragrance is of extreme importance to me. I will keep a blackspotty rose if it's smelly flowers come often enough (and only if the bs is seasonal). With our constant high humidity, most of my roses have at least a little scent, and there are only a few I will tolerate who have none. I've tried 2 Star of the Niles, 3 Lady Emma Hamiltons and 3 Just Joeys. Lord give me strength not to try them again because they just can't take the heat! Red Intuition and Osiria couldn't either. Extreme Blackspot Offenders: Dark Night, Disneyland, Brother's Grimm, Intrique, Oranges and Lemons. So far in 2017 I haven't sprayed.

I rooted a striped sport of Dick Clark in 2012 and have the plant growing in my garden. Plant is less vigorous and less disease resistant than the sport parent. I find the bush to look sort of ratty, but I do like the flowers. The striping is very variable and doesn't show up well on all flowers. I'm also dabbling with raising OP seedlings of various roses, mostly with those that do well in our conditions.
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