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Roses in Grayslake
'Cornelia Shaylor' peony photo
Photo courtesy of Roses in Grayslake
Roses in Grayslake
Illinois, United States
I'm just a very detail oriented gardener who "paints" with plants. I only have 40 roses but they run the gamut from old garden recurrent roses (Enfant du France, Marchesa Boccella, Rose du Rescht), non-recurrent (Madame Hardy, Constance Spry, Charles deMills) to hardy, but gorgeous, Canadian roses (Morden Blush and Quadra), roses that fall into no true category like Gruss an Aachen, and ground covers (Seafoam and Heidesommer). I also grow lots of lilies, peonies, hydrangeas and dozens of ornamental grasses. I just love beauty. I am also an All Expert expert in perennials, and often post to Garden Watchdog on roses as DonnaMack. I completed the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener program in 2012. I am also a professional gardener who maintains anywhere from 8 to 10 gardens.
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