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29 JAN
Potted. It is trying to grow, so will have to be kept inside until the summer.
29 JAN
Potted. It's eager to form new growth because I stored it inside. Hope all goes well.
29 JAN
I possibly killed my Baby Gold Star by not planting it soon enough after buying it in a not-quite-bare-root state. It tried to form growth, but probably did not get enough humidity. Have put it in a pot and will see in spring.
23 OCT
Roses in Croatia:
In a supermarket in Croatia they had quite a selection of roses, each for 20 kunas. They were like bare root roses except they had the roots packed tightly in soil and cling foil, and they stood in cardboard boxes in the vegetable section of the supermarket. The cultivars I can remember were Valencia (unspecified which one), White Wedding, Baby Gold Star, Orange Dream (I bought those four), Sunsprite, Coral Dawn, Iceberg/Schneewittchen, Casino, White Cockade, Barkarole, Kardinal, Firenza, Mony, Bonny, Golden Showers, Gold Medal, and a red ground cover I can't recall.
As I don't know which Valencia I got, I will update this post or move it when the plant has grown and I can tell.
I was quite surprised at my finding. Some of these roses are exceedingly rare. I saw lots of roses growing in the city which has a great climate for grapes, figs, olives and sharon fruit, apparently, because in nearly all the gardens these were growing abundantly. I couldn't identify a lot of the roses growing in the gardens unfortunately, because they were none of the usual suspects from where I normally scout gardens, except Iceberg. However, most of the roses I saw at the super market I can't remember having seen in real life before, so some of the roses in the city could well have been those.
All of them should be deemed very well suited for a Mediterranean climate.
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