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Initial post 13 days ago by scvirginia
I know that many of the Spinosissimas have attractive autumn foliage, but I see no photos of this rose showing fall foliage. Is that not one of its attractions, or is it just an oversight that there aren't any photos at HMF?

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Initial post 7 AUG 13 by Patricia Routley
'Horace Vernet' was a crimson-carmine or deep red rose. This seems too pink.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 9 AUG 13 by Museo Giardino della Rosa Antica
Seems that the original Horace Vernet was velvetly red, but now the rose sold under this name is pink.
See the thread in the member comment section.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 9 NOV by scvirginia
Is it possible that this is a photo of the pink Gallica 'Horace Vernet'? If it is definitely a Hybrid Perpetual, perhaps it could be 'Joseph Vernet'?

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Initial post 13 AUG by Marlorena
It must have been so exciting to have discovered this one Virginia, but it's the clematis that's given us all the so called 'clematis wilt' problem, as every clematis that traces itself back to this one, which is most of the group 2 large flowered hybrids with those woolly leaves, are prone to getting it... I'm sure you knew that, but just to put it out there for anyone who may not..
Reply #1 of 2 posted 13 OCT by scvirginia
Marlorena, I found three illustrations one day while looking for something else. The name rang no bells, so I looked for photos at HMF, and there was nothing. Accordingly, I've posted some of the illustrations that I've found. I just found another to upload, and that's when I discovered your comment.

It's a lovely thing (at least in the illustrations), but it's a shame that it's sort of the Typhoid Mary of the clematis world. No, I didn't know about clematis wilt, but I only grow one clematis (although I'm constantly digging up 'volunteers' of the icky Sweet Autumn Clematis which is super-invasive here).

Good info about C. lanuginosa's role in clematis wilt, and I hope anyone who lives where that's a problem will pay close attention to the heritage of the plants they choose.

Reply #2 of 2 posted 13 OCT by Marlorena
I like the illustrations you've posted Virginia... it appears it's no longer in cultivation in any case but if anyone sees this and is interested, here's the link to Clematis on the Web which gives a photo or two and other info...

A clematis nurseryman here told me about the connection to wilt...
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Initial post 9 OCT by scvirginia
According to Malcolm Manners, "Crenshaw Musk" and "Crenshaw Double Musk" originated from the same plant in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA. It is not unusual for the single form of R. moschata to occasionally sport to a double form.

The even more doubled version of R. Moschata, "Temple Musk" was also found in another area of the Hollywood Cemetery, and it is not known if it may be a sport of "Crenshaw Double Musk".

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