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'My Girl (shrub, Lim, 2006)' rose photo
Photo courtesy of Rosesbyping
United States
*Ping Lim
Director of Ornamental Plant Research for Altman Plants, USA
Tel: 1.760. 272. 5570
Breeding Rose since 1992, hybridization efforts focus on ‘Eco friendly’ with less energy used for stress resistance to combine fragrance, grand petals, lasting color, compact form and quick blooming cycle.
• Twenty Easy Elegance Roses were patented.
• Six True Bloom Roses for 2018
• Three times AARS Award :‘Love and Peace’™, ‘DayDream’™, and ‘Rainbow Sorbet'™
• Four 911 Roses: Forty Heroes, The Finest, Patriot’s Dream and Survivors
• Three emblem Roses: ”Macy's Pride”, “Centennial” ( St. Paul, Minnesota) and China Altman Rose.
• Four Biltmore International Rose Awards: “FlyingKiss”, “Double 10”, "LionKing" & "Screaming Neon Red".
• Nine Portland Best Roses Awards since 2005
• Rose Hill International Rose Trial Award : Goldmine 2016

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